6 Challenges that International Students in the US usually face

6 Challenges faced by International Students in the US

Here are some of the issues which International Students commonly struggle to overcome.

You’ve enrolled in an American university, you’ve packed your bags and now, here you are, ready to take on the US of A! Congratulations! A door is opening to an exciting new world and you are about to embrace a lifetime experience. But hold on, take a deep breath and read! There are a few things you will have to cope with during your stay in the US and now is a good time to find out what lies ahead, so you’ll be equipped to face the challenges with all guns blazing!

Mastering English

This is probably the first and biggest challenge you will meet during your stay in the States. You’ll meet a lot of people who speak too fast or speak with a tricky accent. Also, you’ll need to start using a lot of unfamiliar terms, along with a more advanced writing style, in order to complete your university assignments.  Don’t worry though. Reading university textbooks and having conversations and debates with your professors will significantly improve your language skills.  Just give yourself time to adapt and don’t give up!

Expressing your own views

Most international students are afraid of expressing their own point of view and simply repeat their professors’ opinions. That is not how you become a successful student in the US. Joining the debate and sharing your own thoughts is always welcomed and even required. So be proactive. Share your views and challenge your professors. The truth is born in dispute!

Making friends

A lot of international students are too shy to go and start a conversation. They just stand to one side and wait for others to approach them. So, don’t be shy! Take the plunge and start a conversation. You’ll be surprised how friendly people are and how much you have in common to chat about. So go make some friends today.

New culture

There is no doubt that the American way of living can be a bit of a challenge initially. Culture shock is pretty much 100% guaranteed. On the other hand, your own cultural habits might be perceived by others as a bit strange and you may feel a bit out of place… like a fish out of water. Keep your spirits up – you’ll quickly get used to the American way of doing things and pretty soon, you’ll fit right in.

New food

Yes, this can be quite a challenge too, especially if you come from a country with its own distinctive cuisine. Watch out for junk food! It’s really tasty but you’ll start piling on the kilos if you eat it too often. Stick to healthy food and get involved in exercise or sport. As well as being a great way to stay healthy, sport will also give you the opportunity to meet new people and practice your English. And remember, an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Dealing with tax documents

There are tons of documents and forms in the US and all of them have such strange names that sound like Star Wars robots or test drugs.  And you’re expected to identify which forms you’re required to submit and know when to submit them in order to meet the deadlines. Tax Day is generally on 15 April each year. This date is important for your diary because all International students are required by law to file at least one tax return.  Tax Day, or 15 April, is your last chance for filing and sending all tax documents to the IRS.

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What were your biggest challenges in the USA as an International Student? Share with us in the comments below.

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