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  • Line-up announced for the Sprintax Nonresident Tax Clinic 2022

    The Sprintax Nonresident tax clinic 2022
    • The Nonresident Tax Clinic takes place on Wednesday 17 August
    • This free-to-attend session will be a complete tax guide to hiring and paying foreign nationals
    • Practical advice for payroll department & international office staff
    • Fantastic panel of speakers confirmed

    Register here to save your seat

    The proper withholding of tax from nonresidents has become a key issue for many organisations across the US.

    If you work with an organisation which pays salary or scholarship income to foreign individuals, you may be interested in attending the Sprintax Nonresident Tax Clinic – Your guide to hiring and paying foreign nationals!

    Taking place on 17 August 2022, our panel of speakers will share their tips on how to streamline the withholding of tax from nonresidents and examine common case study scenarios

    This event is an ideal opportunity for a unique opportunity for payroll department and international office staff to proactively engage, network and offer guidance on the topic of nonresident tax compliance.

    This event is brought to you by the Alien Sessions, a series of live events and online seminar sessions exploring key topics of influence for foreign nationals working and living in the US.

    This event is completely free to attend. You can save your spot by register for the clinic here.

    We are now delighted to announce details of our panel speakers…

    Clinic speakers

    Who is speaking at the Nonresident Tax Clinic?

    We have a fantastic line up of panellists scheduled for the event, including:

    Jim Webb
    Nonresident Tax Specialist
    University of Missouri – St Louis

    Jim Webb is a 1996 graduate of the University of North Texas with a BS in Accounting and MS in Managerial Accounting Systems. He is a licensed CPA in the state of Texas. He has worked in higher education for 32 years with 24 years in nonresident alien tax. He has been with the University of Missouri-St. Louis since 2012.

    Will Drath
    Nonresident Tax Specialist
    University of Missouri – Columbia

    Will Drath is the Nonresident Tax Specialist for The University of Missouri – Columbia campus. He received a Juris Doctor from Elon Law in 2013, and received a Master of Accountancy from the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina in 2018.

    Ryan Ludden
    Associate Vice President

    Ryan Ludden has been supporting organizations across the US and around the world with nonresident tax compliance for over 5 years at Sprintax. During that time he has delivered more than 300 tax workshops and webinars to nonresidents and their employers, assisting with tax filing and process optimization to ensure NRA compliance.

    Elvera King
    Relationship Manager

    Elvera King liaises with our Educational Partners across the US to deliver tax workshops and resources to assist their nonresident populations to file compliant US tax returns. Elvera has over 10 years of experience working in the tax and finance industry and has been part of the Sprintax team since 2015.

    What is the Nonresident Tax Clinic?

    The Sprintax Nonresident Tax Clinic is a unique opportunity for international office or payroll department staff to gather and converse about the latest developments and challenges surrounding nonresident taxation.

    During the session, our panel of industry thought-leaders will offer guidance on nonresident tax compliance and share their tips on how to streamline the withholding of tax from nonresidents.

    What will this event cover?

    During our clinic, our fantastic panel of speakers will explore the latest developments in rules and regulations for taxation of nonresidents in the US.

    Topics on the day will include:

    • Who is considered a non-resident for tax in the US?
    • Why the type and source of income earned matters for nonresidents
    • Understanding FICA withholding for nonresidents
    • How to correctly withhold taxation on scholarship or non-employment income from non-residents
    • Exploring tax treaty eligibility for foreign nationals
    • How to complete important tax forms
    • Real-life, every day case studies
    • And more

    Who should attend this event?

    This event has been created specifically for HR, international office and payroll department staff or anyone who is interested in learning about nonresident tax compliance.

    How to register and attend the event?

    It’s easy to attend this free virtual conference. All you need to do is join through your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet!

    The clinic is taking place on Wednesday August 17 and starts at 1pm EST.

    It’s really easy to attend. Simply register here to save your space.

    But be quick! Places are limited. You can guarantee your entry by registering here.




  • New year, New Look – Re-Introducing Sprintax!

    Launching the Sprintax rebranded website

    Making the complex simple for nonresidents and their employers in the US

    Team Sprintax are delighted to unveil our new look. We’re excited to share our brand updates with you and a little background on why we made them.

    Sprintax first launched in 2014 as a nonresident tax advisory for US universities. Today we work with over 500 organizations across the US delivering tax education and tax filing services to international students and scholars – and their employers. Given our expanded product, team and ambition, we felt the time was right to update our branding too.

    At the heart of our rebranding is the goal to seamlessly transition all of our nonresident services under one roof, bringing together our products and technologies under one name, Sprintax.

    Sprintax for individuals

    Here at Sprintax, we understand the unique challenge of moving to a new country as an international student, intern, au pair or graduate. In fact, most of our team have worked or studied abroad at one stage or another! Navigating a new country, school or workplace can be difficult, not least when it comes to taxes. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to make the complex simple, so you can focus on the important things like finding a great apartment or the nearest coffee place.

    Our software is designed to support US nonresidents on every step of their journey, from preparing their pre-employment payroll forms (Sprintax Forms), to filing their first US tax return (Sprintax Returns).

    Sprintax has rebranded. Introducing Sprintax Returns and Sprintax Forms

    Sprintax for business

    At Sprintax, we don’t just support students and interns. We are passionate about our schools and during the tax season you’ll mostly likely find us on the road, delivering on-campus tax clinics or sitting in on a NAFSA panel session. You can learn more about our partner program here.

    If you are an employer or institution with international employees, we can help ensure you tax them correctly and that your organization remains tax complaint with the IRS.

    If your payroll department are dealing with international employees, then they’ll be all too familiar with the world of international tax treaties. Ever changing, it can prove a time-consuming and daunting task to determine the eligibility status of each international employee.

    Enter Sprintax Calculus, our multi-jurisdiction, tax compliance software, built to simplify payroll processing for nonresident employees and international vendors. The software will automatically determine the tax withholdings for your nonresident population, generate aggregated reports and integrate with your payroll platform for a smooth transition of data. Nifty huh?!

    TLDR; so what’s new with Sprintax?

    For our current users, you’ll notice some big changes on the website! It’s now much easier to navigate between our services. We’re also working on our new and improved help site and resource centre which will go live over the coming weeks.

    As part of our rebrand, we have introduced a new naming convention for each of our services. Here’s a quick recap!

    Personal services

    Sprintax Returns (Formerly, Sprintax Tax Prep)

    Sprintax Returns is the new name for our nonresident federal tax e-filing and state tax return preparation solution. Start here to determine tax residency status and to prepare and file US nonresident federal and state tax returns.

    Sprintax Forms (Formerly, SprintaxTDS Personal)

    As a nonresident student, scholar or employee in the US, you may be eligible for specific tax treaties. When you start working and earning an income in the US, Sprintax Forms will help ensure that you pay the right amount of tax on your salary – assisting with pre-employment paperwork including form W-4, W-8BEN and more.

    Business services

    Sprintax Returns Partners (Formerly Sprintax Tax Prep Partners)

    We partner with schools and institutions across the US to deliver nonresident tax education and tax return filing services to their international population. To find out more about partnering with us on Sprintax Returns, schedule a call.

    Sprintax Calculus (Formerly, SprintaxTDS)

    The documenting and reporting on payments made to nonresident employees has become a significant challenge for many US-based organisations. Sprintax Calculus (Formerly SprintaxTDS) helps payroll offices to manage the tax profiles of their nonresident employees on a single, user-friendly dashboard. Find out more here.

    Note: If you are a Sprintax Calculus partner, your student users will be asked to login and create their profile under the individual dashboard, Sprintax Forms.

    Sprintax has rebranded. Introducing Sprintax Calculus

    A word from our Vice President

    “Sprintax is going from strength-to-strength. The product we launched in 2014 is very different to who we are today, so it was time for a refresh. However, while the look and feel are more modern, it’s still the same goal that drive us – the ambition to make the complex simple. We hope you and your clients like what we’ve done – as always we’re keen on your feedback!”

    Enda Kelleher
    Sprintax Vice President

    More to come…

    Our new website is the first of many exciting developments at Sprintax. Over the next few months, you’ll notice more improvements to our software which we hope will further enhance your user experience, making Sprintax an intuitive and helpful tool to use, no matter what your use case!

    We want to hear from you!

    It would not have been possible for Sprintax to have grown over the last few years without the incredible support of our clients and partners. We are incredibly grateful for this support and, with that in mind, we would love to know what you think of our new site and any recommendations you may have for our next phase of development.

    Be sure to email your feedback to or tag us on social!