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  • FICA tax explained for nonresident aliens

    FICA tax exemption nonresidents

    The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is the means by which social security and medicare are funded in the US.

    FICA also provides benefits to children who have lost their working parents, widows and widowers, and disabled workers who qualify for benefits.

    For self-employed people, there is an equivalent law called SECA (Self-employed Contributions Act).

    Contributions to FICA are deducted from employee income. Many workers in the US will notice FICA being deducted from their income each time they receive their paycheck. Continue reading “FICA tax explained for nonresident aliens” »

  • Can I claim tax exemptions for my family members?

    2021 UPDATE: Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017, there are no longer exemptions and deductions for families.

    Everything you need to know about tax exemptions and deductions for families

    If you’re studying or working in America with your family as a non-resident alien, and if you meet certain criteria, you may be able to save money on your tax bill that you normally couldn’t if you were living as a single person.

    You can do this by claiming what are known as tax ‘exemptions’. Exemptions are similar to tax deductions and allow you to lower your taxable income. Each exemption is worth $4,050 (for tax year 2017). In other words, if you’re a student, scholar, teacher or researcher, you may be allowed to deduct $4,050 for each person you claim as a dependent.
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