Revealed: over 125k filed their US tax return with Sprintax in 2018!

Sprintax tax report 2018

Every international student who studied in the US in 2017 was required to file a tax return ahead of the April 2018 deadline.

A lot of international students find US tax to be very daunting. So filing a compliant tax return on time is, for many, no easy feat.

It’s hard enough to come to terms with the tax system in your own country. But then, when you move to the US to study, you have to handle the US tax system too!

Thankfully a solution is on hand.

The easiest way for any international student to file a US tax return is to choose Sprintax.

Sprintax is the only online tax-preparation software for non-residents in the US.

The software assists students in preparing fully compliant Federal and State tax returns and retrieve their maximum legal tax refund. And all of this can be done in just a matter of minutes!

1,500 universities

Sprintax is the ‘go-to’ tax filing software for numerous major universities in the US including NYU, Columbia, Arizona State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Cornell. In fact, we have helped students from over 1,500 schools and institutions from all across the US to file their tax return.

Sprintax is also the non-resident partner of choice for Turbo Tax*.
*See more: & 

What are the benefits of using Sprintax?

  • Online US tax prep solution for international students and scholars
  • Save time and stress
  • Prepare a compliant US tax return
  • Maximize your State tax refund
  • 24/7 Vita Qualified Live Chat facility
  • Over 500,000 returns prepared

Tax Report 2018

Today we are happy to introduce our ‘Tax Report 2018’.

Key findings from the report:

  • 125,000 international students (from 1,500 universities) chose Sprintax in order to prepare their 2017 US tax return
  • We delivered $86m in tax refunds to our customers
  • 87% of our customers would recommend Sprintax to their friends

See the full tax report below.

Sprintax report for 2018 tax season

Top 10 nationalities that used Sprintax in 2018

what Sprintax customers say about us

Sprintax US non-resident tax returns

File your US tax return with confidence! File with Sprintax here.


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