1. Qin Tang says:


    This is the fifth time I’m trying to contact Sprintax.

    I’m writing to report that there is at least one mistake I’ve noticed with my DC State tax form prepared by Sprintax. A very simple math mistake that even a non-accounting major like me can notice. I’ve been chatting with online help and called several times but without clear response. I’ve left a voicemail but no one got back to me. I wanted to write to clearly state my intention to get to the bottom of this and express my huge disappointment in the service. No worries, even though tax return season is over, I will track this issue till the end of the world.

    I can be reached at qin.tang.0714@gmail.com.

    Thank you!

  2. Stacy says:

    Dear Qin,

    Thank you for reaching us. We are so sorry to hear that you feel disappointed by the services received so far.
    Our tax experts have reviewed your DC state tax return and Line 15 and Line 20 are correctly calculated. All the calculations seems fine to us.
    Would you mind sharing the mistakes you found at info@sprintax.com so we can review your state tax return again.

    The Sprintax team

    • Qin says:

      Thank you for getting back to me, Stacy.

      Regarding if there is indeed a mistake or not, please feel free to talk to your VP, Enda and I’m sure he’ll have an answer for you.


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