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  • The new W-4 form explained

    The importance of correctly filling out US tax forms can often be disregarded as the process can be, let’s face it, quite boring!

    However, the importance of these forms cannot be underestimated, as it is absolutely crucial for any nonresident to abide by the strict tax laws in The States.

    In fact, the way that you handle your US tax affairs can play a big part in whether your future visa or Green Card applications succeed or not.

    In this blog we’ll lay out some of the key information you need to know before filling out the W-4 form, so that the correct amount of tax is withheld from your paychecks.
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  • Introducing Sprintax TDS – Tax Determination Software

    Sprintax tax determination software for payrol and HR offices

    How much tax should an international student be paying?

    Tax. Granted, not the most exciting topic in the world. But its importance can never be called into question.

    Over recent years the proper documentation and withholding of payments to non-resident students and scholars has become an increasingly important issue for US educational institutions.

    How much tax should an international student being paying? Are they entitled to any reliefs or deductions? Who can help them handle their US tax?

    Finally there is an easy to manage, easy to use solution which makes US tax easy for international students – Sprintax TDS.

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