The 2014 Sprintax Season in Review

The US tax season is long over but that doesn’t mean the team at Sprintax are relaxing on an exotic island somewhere!

On the contrary, it’s time for us to take a quick breath from the hectic tax season and look at the big picture. How was the 2014 US tax season for us? What did we achieve? What do our partners and customers say about us? What improvements can help us achieve even better results in the upcoming season?

We’re more than happy to announce that the 2014 Tax season was a huge success for Sprintax, the best season we’ve ever had!

New website

We gave a head start to the season with the launch of our brand new and better Sprintax website, offering more useful functionalities and features to our partners and customers. The user-friendly design and functionality now lets visitors find what they’re looking for in just a few clicks.

New partnerships

We’ve made plenty of new partnerships we’re eager to develop and strengthen. Over 275 US schools partnered with Sprintax this year for the best non-resident tax filing solution for their students and scholars. With our help, they have saved time and resources on arranging tax workshops and unravelling the complicated personal tax circumstances of students from all around the world. Here’s what our partners say about us:

“Sprintax is great for my international students, it helps them successfully complete the necessary non-resident tax forms and state returns through an easy-to-use web application.  It’s easy and economical and helps them avoid errors and delays in their returns.”

Clare Lake
International Student Services Coordinator, Kendall College

“The best part about Sprintax is its focus on the student experience in the subject of taxes which, let’s face it, students avoid at all costs.  The Form 8843 already confuses students by its mere title. Understanding this mindset, Sprintax walks them through the process in as friendly, no-frills way, and provides contact information for additional support.”

Judy Lee,
Associate Director, International Student Services, Pepperdine University

“Sprintax is the best tax preparation software that our office has offered to students and scholars–and we’ve tried most of what is available.  The staff at Sprintax have been extremely responsive to our comments and feedback. It’s the most user friendly program with the best customer service.”

Wesley Young,
Director, Services for International Students and Scholars, University of California, Davis | UC Davis

The season in numbers

We’ve prepared 19,538 Federal tax returns, 13,592 State tax returns, 323 ITIN applications and 1950 FICA returns and have given peace of mind to more than 48,000 international students and scholars lost in the translation of US tax law. With our help and step-by-step guidance they found out that filing a non-resident tax return doesn’t have to be so scary or time consuming!

Well, enough with the numbers! We measure success not only with stats but with the satisfaction of our customers.

Our customer support team was available 24/7 to help our customers with any tax questions and queries to guide them through each step of the filing process.

We want to thank all the members of the Sprintax team for their hard work and dedication in providing high-quality and super friendly customer service. We’ve always been focused on the student experience and the Sprintax Support team aims to help make it as fun as it should be!

The great results we’ve achieved in the 2014 Tax season make us even more motivated to grow and strive for the best in future. That’s why look forward to many new surprises for Sprintax in the next season.

The best is yet to come so keep an eye out for more details to come on our website and blog!


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