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  • Sprintax at NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference & Expo

    This year the team at Sprintax continued our tradition and attended the annual NAFSA (Association of International Educators) Conference.

    This year the annual conference & expo took place in Denver and again confirmed its status as the largest international educational conference in the world, gathering attendees from over 100 countries.
    More than 400 institutions and 10,000 international educational professionals from across the globe joined the conference for the chance to exchange ideas, network, and explore the trends that are shaping the future of education.

    We had an incredible opportunity to meet many of our partners and discuss new strategies on working together in the 2016 tax season.

    We also paved our way to exciting new collaborations with leading US institutions and schools. The whole team are looking forward to working together to help even more international students and scholars with their US tax affairs.

    Sprintax Competition

    We love giving away prizes so we ran an exclusive iPad competition for all of those who stopped by our booth for a chat with Enda and Jennifer.

    The lucky winner was Kathy Gallentine – International Student Advisor at Central Washington University. Congratulations Kathy!

    Jennifer from Sprintax team and Kathy from Central Washington University

    We’d like to thank all NAFSA participants for the great experience at the NAFSA 2016 Annual Conference and Expo!

    Looking forward to seeing you at the NAFSA Regionals!

  • 2015 is Best Sprintax Season to Date

    The 2015 US tax season is long over and it is time to take stock of the season and look at the big picture – through our eyes and through the eyes of our customers and partners.

    The Season in Numbers

    We are delighted to announce that the 2015 tax season was our best season to date. We guided twice the number of international students and scholars through the complicated tax filing process compared to last year.

    36,348 non-residents trusted Sprintax with their Federal tax returns and 30,450 filed their state tax returns using our software.

    Being the only non-resident tax prep tool covering both Federal and State tax returns, we helped our customers claim $30, 5000,000 in Federal tax refunds and more than $8,000,000 in State tax refunds.

    Our Goals

    We achieved the goals we set last year; to deliver excellent customer experience by reaching the highest standards and create an outstanding customer journey.

    With our help, thousands of international students and scholars from 193 countries filed their US taxes hassle-free with our step-by-step software and 24/7 Live Tax Help.

    Our team was fully dedicated to improving the Sprintax software and making it user-friendly. We prepared an extensive FAQ section which proved to be incredibly useful to our customers and a new video demo where you can find out how Sprintax works.

    Our Partnerships

    Over 475 US schools have partnered with us to help their students and scholars with their tax affairs.

    We’re excited to say that in the 2015 tax season we not only strengthened the relationships with our partners but also established many new partnerships with hundreds of US schools and institutions from all across the US.

    We truly believe that those partnerships will thrive in the future and are looking forward to many new ones.

    A Big Thank you

    To all members of the Sprintax team for their dedication and hard work. We owe our huge success to all of those who put their hearts into Sprintax.

    The excellent results we achieved in the 2015 season only motivate us to work even harder and implement new innovations to improve our services.

    A new strategy is on the horizon so stay tuned for big Sprintax news in the 2016 tax season.

  • Sprintax Survey Results are in!

    We always put our customers first and strive to offer the highest quality customer service and meet the highest standards when it comes to customer satisfaction. Developing a service that customers are happy with is not just a one time project but a long process with continuous improvement.

    That’s why every season we carefully plan and implement innovations to enhance the customer experience and make Sprintax software even more easy-to-use and customer-friendly.

    Of course, the best people to ask about our service are our customers. Their feedback is a valuable source for information and new ideas, so we launched a survey recently and asked our customers to tell us what they really think of Sprintax!

    Thousands of Sprintax customers took part in the survey held in June.

    We think the results speak for themselves:

    Optimized-untitled-infographic-copy_1439203140549One of the main reasons customers state for loving our service is the speed and efficiency of the whole process. 90% of customers say Sprintax software is easy-to-use and navigate, and the same percentage would recommend Sprintax to their friends.

    Enough with the numbers! Let’s see what exactly our customers say about us:

    • “Great service! Filing for American taxes had me very nervous but Sprintax made it so easy. Thank you so much!” Kiersten Corradetti, Northwestern University
    • “Very broad coverage of income and deductions; the questions are nicely organized and easy to understand for most of the sections. The live chat agents helped greatly and answered all my questions. Over all, a fantastic experience. Thank you team and I would happily recommend Sprintax over for my friends.” Vignesh Jeyaprakash, Goldey-Beacom College
    • “Very easy and effective. All the confusion that I usually face when filling out regular tax forms were completely avoided. I am thoroughly satisfied and will use this again next year…” Daniel Ekere, Georgia Southern University

    This is a just a small sample of the lovely testimonials we received! To thank those who took part, we decided to give away a $200 Gift Card. The randomly chosen winner is Guruprasad Kuppuswamy. Congrats, Guruprasad and happy spending!


    “Sprintax is an excellent easy-to-use, non-resident tax preparation service that saved a lot of my time on preparing NR – federal and state taxes. I found it simple, affordable and adhering to compliance procedures for non-resident students.”

    Guruprasad Kuppuswamy, Northeastern University

    We are more than happy that our efforts gave great results this tax season. Of course, we value both positive and negative feedback from our customers. Your opinion matters so feel free to share it with us anytime!

  • NAFSA Conference 2015: Paving the Way for Education

    It was a huge pleasure for Sprintax to continue our tradition of being part of the NAFSA Conference.

    More than 400 institutions, organizations, and service providers from across the globe joined the non-profit’s conference for international education this year and it was an honor for Sprintax to be a part of it.

    The annual conference, held in Boston, is a unique opportunity for organizations, educators, and companies to collaborate with skilled professionals on developing knowledge, new skills, and ideas to grow and succeed.

    Participants connected with colleagues from all around the world to swap ideas and establish partnerships with institutions and organizations.

    Sprintax Competition

    Sprintax ran a competition throughout the conference by giving away an iPod shuffle for each day of the event and an iPad Mini to one lucky winner.

    The iPad Mini went to Ann Kuhlman, Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars, Yale University. Ann was delighted when she found out, ” Well that is good news indeed. A first for me after attending dozens of NAFSA conferences.”

    The 3 daily winners of the IPod shuffles were:

    Vincent Papandrea-Vice President of Institutional Relations and New Initiatives at Vaughn College of aeronautics and technology in New York.

    Rocio Ruiz– International Student Advisor of International Student Services at the University of Arizona.

    Noah Hansen– Director of the International Student Center at San Diego State University.

    photo 3*Jennifer from Sprintax team and Noah from San Diego State University

    * Rose Bolz from Pima Community College (on left), Jennifer from Sprintax team, Barbara Tessa from SF staffing company  and Jeff Crawford from LewerMark

    Thank you, NAFSA, for the great experience – see you again soon!

  • The New 2014 Tax Year Is Open

    Tax just got real


    IRS announced that the new 2014 tax filing season is open! We are very excited to share with you, that Sprintax is already up and running as we speak! Our team worked very hard, determined to get Sprintax ready and available for you from day one of the new tax filing season.

    • Are you resident or non-resident for tax purposes?
    • Do any international tax treaties apply in your case?
    • Do you have to file a State tax return?
    • Sounds confusing?

    If you’re not an accounting major (or even if you are!), it’s only natural US taxes seem tricky to you. Well it’s not for us!

    Sprintax is designed for international students and scholars in the US, to help you prepare your Federal, State and FICA tax returns and guarantees you stay fully-compliant with the IRS. What’s more, Sprintax looks through 350 Income tax deductions, international tax treaty benefits, personal allowances and different tax credits; to make sure you get the maximum legal income tax refund.

    All you need to do is answer a few easy-to-understand questions. Sprintax will guide you through the step-by-step process, and if you need any assistance, there is a 24/7 live chat help available. After the process is completed, Sprintax will instantly generate your documents and voila! All that’s left for you to do is sign the forms and post them to the tax office. It could not be any easier!

    Sprintax will safely store your records in your account for future reference. If you need to prepare tax returns for previous years, that’s ok too – Sprintax will do it for you using the same account. The great thing is, as a past user Sprintax will already have your personal details, and the process will be even faster! Check out the Video Demo to get an idea of how Sprintax works.

    Are you still reading this post? Get started with your taxes! The sooner you file your tax return, the better! If you are due a tax refund, you might just receive it in time for Spring break!

    And don’t forget to let us know if you enjoyed your Sprintax experience by completing a short survey.

  • Music for studying

    Music and the brain: What does the research say?

    Are you one of those students, jacked in with plastic cables running from your ears to your phone or laptop during long late night study sessions? Or do you find any kind of background noise distracting when trying to get down to study?

    The question of whether or not listening to music while studying can benefit your concentration and performance remains hotly debated. The bad news for those who pick a playlist, before even opening a book is that most of recent research suggests silence is actually the best atmosphere for studying.

    Mozart Effect, Shmozart Effect

    Sadly, it turns out the popular idea that listening to classical music can enhance people’s intelligence and performance – the Mozart effect, is a tabloid-created fable. Listening to one particular composer or genre is highly unlikely to transform your intellectual powers.  The whole “play classical music to your unborn child” craze, turned out to be almost entirely contrived by the media.

    Psychologist Frincis Rauscher, whose experiment on music and the brain in 1993, reported in a single page paper that listening to Mozart’s music improves spatial reasoning for about 10 minutes. She also says the most effective music will vary depending on the person. In short: “If you hate Mozart, you’re not going to find Mozart effect. If you love Pearl Jam, you’re going to find Pearl Jam effect.”

    Dr. Nick Perham, from the University of Wales, on the other hand, concluded that listening to music while studying – regardless of how much you love or hate the sound is “worse than the quiet control condition”. He’s also found that music containing lyrics is especially disruptive during any task involving reading – a point also argued by Stanford University professor Clifford Nass.

    Before you put your iPod away, feeling like you’ve lost the only thing about studying, that makes it bearable, consider this: both Perham and Nass acknowledge the potential of music to help create the perfect state of mind for studying, somewhere in between relaxation and excitement. So it seems that listening to some favorite music before commencing studies could help, even if silence is golden during the actual brainwork.

    You know what else will help you focus on your studies? Sprintax, of course! Sign up with Sprintax, to prepare your tax return in no time, so you can concentrate on the forthcoming exam period.

    If you are still convinced that your headphones are an essential study tool, share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • End of 2014 Tax Year Is a Fact

    Time to get serious about taxes

    With 31st December already behind us, it’s time to start thinking about the upcoming filing season.  We know, we know… It’s hard enough to readjust to school after the holidays, without having to worry about taxes. And that’s why Sprintax is here to help!  Below, we’ve listed some useful tips to save you time and energy when it comes to taxes.

    Stay updated

    The tax season for Non- residents like yourselves doesn’t officially start until the IRS has released the tax forms for the new financial year. This usually takes place in the second half of January. In order to keep you informed, we created an option for you on the Sprintax website, which allows you to sign up for an instant update, the minute the IRS announces the new 2014 tax year is open. We will let you know, so you can focus on other important things. So sign up today

    Be one of the first to file

    As soon as we send out the word about the new tax filing season being open, we strongly advise you to visit the Sprintax website and get your tax return done as early as possible. The sooner you get this off of your To-Do-List, the better. April 15th seems far away now; however the deadline will be knocking on our doors in no time. The good news is, this way your documents will be processed fast and you will avoid any delays. The even better news is, if you’re due a tax refund, you’ll be getting it right on time for Spring break! Awesome, right?

    Be prepared

    Once you sit down in front of your computer to start completing your tax returns, here’s what you need to have handy:

    • Passport – Sprintax will need to gather some details about you and your Visa, which will be reported on the first page of your tax return
    • Entry/Exit dates in the US – reporting the history of your entry and exit dates is very important, as it has a lot to do with your residency status for tax purposes in the US.
    •  Payment documents – if you have received any income during 2014, you should have received a summary payment document. For example – W-2 from an employer if you worked; 1042-S from you university if you received a scholarship, etc. Check out our FAQ page for more information on payment documents.
    • Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). (If you don’t have any of those assigned to you, Sprintax will help you out. Check out how by contacting the team.)
    • Form DS-2019 (for J-Visa holders) or Form I-20 (for F-Visa holders)
    • If you are using Sprintax for your State Tax Return(s) preparation only you will need a copy of your already prepared Federal Tax return.

    Most importantly, don’t forget the Sprintax team is available 24/7 to help you, guide you and answer any questions you may have about US taxes.

    We hope you find these tips useful, in the meantime, if you think of any questions or you need additional information, visit the Sprintax FAQ section or contact the team via the Live chat or by email.

  • Happy New Sprintax

    Introducing the marvellous redesign and great new features

    At Sprintax, we are always looking for new ways to make the tax filing experience faster, better, more efficient and comprehensive. Since Sprintax launched in 2013, it has been used by hundreds and thousands of international students to prepare their Federal and State tax returns. In the Sprintax team, we’re very proud of this – but we also know that the world in which Sprintax is changes every day. So it’s time for a new look for Sprintax.

    A newer, simpler and more modern design

    We’ve revamped the entire Homepage experience with a new look and feel to make it easier for you to navigate and access different sections of the website.  This simple and clean design helps you easily find the information that matters most to you.

    It’s not just about good looks

    Whether you’re a student or a Higher Education Institute, now you can easily access the relevant page that holds the information you need. We have also added an extended FAQ section, where we publish comprehensive answers of the most common questions. If the answer you are looking for is not there, the online customer help is just one click away.

    We looooove rewarding our customers

    We are happy to introduce the Sprintax Tell-a-Friend program. This scheme is designed for customers who want to help their friends with their tax return preparation and receive exciting rewards for it. Keep an eye out for more details to come on the Sprintax website.

    This is just the beginning of many more exciting, new features we plan to bring to Sprintax and offer more functionality this year.

    We will keep working hard to make self-tax return preparation even easier and faster for our customers.

  • NAFSA Fall Adventures 2014

    How will you remember Fall 2014? For you it might be an exciting new beginning as an international student in USA, for Sprintax team Fall 2014 is all about NAFSA.

    We were more than happy to be a part of 5 of the 11 regional NAFSA conferences that took place in different US regions in late October- early November this year.

    As any other NAFSA event, the regional conferences gathered together a lot of professionals, educators and companies, dedicated to international education and eager to share ideas, goals and projects. As we at Sprintax are constantly striving to be on cutting edge of new trends in order to meet the changing needs of our clients and partners, NAFSA regional conferences were an opportunity not to be missed. We had the chance to exchange valuable experience with international education professionals from all around the world, to meet many new partners with whom we shared new ideas, discussed future business opportunities and plans.

    One thing you should know about Sprintax is that we love giving away, so we just could not miss to do this during NAFSA regional conferences. All the NAFSA attendants who stopped by Sprintax booth had the amazing chance to win an iPod Shuffle. The lucky winner whose name was pulled out the draw was Anne Kaufman – Assistant Director at USC and the prize was received by her colleague Robyn Lewis. Another iPod Shuffle was donated by Sprintax for the silent auction that was held during the Lexington conference. It was sold for $35 which will be used for funding next year conferences.

    We are thankful to all NAFSA attendants for the wonderful experience.  See you next year!

    To find out how to become a Sprintax partner or hear more about what our customers say about us visit our website

  • Get ready for the new academic year with a new exclusive offer from Sprintax!

    The new Sprintax partnership offer is already live!  Have you heard of it?

    If you somehow missed it, there is still time to catch up with the latest Sprintax news. You might be aware that Sprintax is an online tax preparation tool that helps international students and scholars in USA file their tax returns. What you might not know is that Sprintax is constantly striving for the best, providing a service tailored to both, students’ and universities’ needs.

    Lots of US universities have already chosen Sprintax software to help their international students deal with the complicated and stressful tax matters. Now is the perfect time to join them! Choosing Sprintax tax filing solution means happy students, no tax workshops arrangements and dealing with tax procedures and laws during the academic season.

    Start the new semester with an amazing opportunity which will benefit both your university and students. All universities that sign up with us before August 31st will receive a limited offer from Sprintax. Along with the package purchased, you will receive additional FREE codes for federal tax return preparation.

    There are just a few weeks till August 31st – seize this great opportunity right here, right now at: