Common questions you hear when you go to the US

Common questions you hear when you go to the US

Welcome to the USA! Tell me more about your country and yourself

Being an international student in the US means your fellow US students will probably ask you lots of questions about where you’re from. You don’t have to feel weird about it or get embarrassed – just be open to everyone’s questions, they just want to know more about you!

1) What is that accent?

Even if you’re fluent in English, you probably have an accent, even if you’re not aware of it. Sometimes people might not understand what you’re saying, which can cause some hilarious misunderstandings, but try not to take it too seriously – they probably just haven’t heard your accent before. Your accent is your personality and it brings its own charm!

2) Can you teach me how to say something in your language?

Teaching other people some phrases in your native language is great fun – not only do you get to teach your friends something and get them to learn a little bit about your culture, but it’s also hilarious to hear how other people pronounce words in other languages. Not to mention, if you teach them enough phrases, they’ll be able to talk to people from your culture when they come to visit you.

3) Where is your country situated?

Geography isn’t everyone’s strong point, so some people might not know where in the world your country is located. You probably feel very loyal to your country and might get offended when someone doesn’t know about it, it’s normal. But try to be understanding and just calmly give your friends a quick geography lesson. The world is a really big place after all. Realistically, who knows where exactly all the countries of the world are located?

4) What do you like about America? How do you feel here?

Everyone’s curious to know what other people think of their country, but sometimes, honesty isn’t always the best policy. Remember that most people are more patriotic than they’d like to admit and would probably get pretty offended if you start insulting their country. If you don’t like something about the US, it’s sometimes better to just bite your tongue. Of course, there is a nice way to say what you really think. For example, if you don’t like the food, you could just say it’s very ‘different’ to what you’re used to. Calling things ‘different’ is a great way to say you think something is a bit weird without actually saying it straight out.

A key part of studying in another country is learning about other students’ customs and the differences in your lives and cultures. Find out what’s interesting, what’s new and what’s actually fairly similar about your lives. Grab the chance to communicate as much as you can and share your experience with others.

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