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  • 5 things every international student can do to be ready for tax season

    Prepare for tax season with Sprintax

    It’s never too early to start thinking about tax season. This is especially true when you consider that the April 15 tax filing deadline is only a matter of weeks away!

    There’s no doubt that, whether you have filed a tax return before, or this is your first year with a filing requirement, tax season can be a real headache.

    In this blog we’ll look at 5 things every international student can do to ensure their tax season runs as smoothly as possible.

    (1) Don’t delay!

    Let’s face it, leaving important stuff until the last minute is never a good idea!

    So why leave filing your tax return until April 15?

    There is no reason why you can’t start prepping for tax season now. And, by doing so, you can ensure that you file on time and receive any tax refund you’re due sooner!

    Sprintax non-resident tax returns

    (2) Determine the right forms to file

    It doesn’t matter how much (or how little) you have earned, every non-resident international student in the US has a tax filing obligation.

    For example, if you didn’t earn any income during the tax year you must file a Form 8843 with the IRS.

    And if you have earned US sourced income during the year, you will also have to file a Federal tax return in addition to your 8843 form.

    Depending on your personal circumstances and a number of other factors, you may also have to file State tax return forms.

    Tip: Sprintax is the only online Federal and State self-prep tax software for non-residents in the US.  We will help you to figure out whether or not you have to file a State tax return.

    (3) Work out your residency status

    This is an important one.

    It’s impossible to file a compliant tax return without first determining your tax residency status.

    The most common tax residency statuses are ‘resident’ and ‘non-resident alien’. Most international students who are studying in the US on F, J, M or Q visas are considered non-resident aliens for tax purposes.

    Tip: Not sure if you’re a resident or non-resident? When you create a Sprintax account, our system will automatically detect your tax residency status!

    Preparing for tax season Sprintax

    (4) Get organized

    The first thing you should do to ready yourself for tax season is to organize everything you’ll need to prepare your tax return.

    In order to complete your tax return in full you will need to have the below documents to hand:

    • Your passport
    • Your Visa/Immigration Status information, including Form DS-2019 (for J visa holders) or Form I-20 (for F visa holders)
    • All income forms: W2 forms, 1042-S and/or 1099
    • Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). If you do not have an ITIN, Sprintax can help you get one!
    • A copy of last year’s return (if you filed one with the US tax authorities)

    Tip: Make a note of any missing documents and then start to track them down. For example, if you haven’t received your payment documents, make sure to contact your employer to request them.

    (5) Get help!

     With so much complicated paperwork and so many confusing questions, filing a US tax return is not exactly the easiest of tasks.

    Fortunately, help is on hand!

    When you create a Sprintax account, our system will assist you in preparing fully compliant Federal and State tax returns and also enable you to use any tax deduction and benefits that will allow you to claim your maximum legal tax refund.

    Sprintax will guide you through the tax filing process, firstly determining your tax residency status and then identifying which forms you need to complete based on your own personal circumstances.

    You’ll be asked a few easy questions and based on the information you provide, you will then be able to download your fully completed and compliant 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ (non-resident tax return).

    Benefits of using Sprintax

    Sprintax is the ‘go-to’ tax preparation software for numerous major universities in the US including, Columbia, Arizona State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Cornell.  We’re also the non-resident partner of choice for Turbo Tax.

    With Sprintax you can:

    • Save time and stress!
    • Determine your residency status
    • Prepare a fully compliant US tax return
    • Maximize your State tax refund
    • Avail of our 24/7 Vita Qualified Live Chat facility
  • Forget fees! Here’s how you can secure a US college scholarship

    Sprintax services for international scholars!

    Here’s two things most prospective international students know about studying in the US.

    1 – When you study in the United States you can secure a first class qualification that is recognised around the globe

    2 – The US is one of the most expensive countries in the world in which to study

    So how can you reconcile these two factors?

    You want a top quality education and the experience of living and studying in the US. Financing a US university degree is tricky even for most Americans. And as an international student, there is an onus on you to provide proof, in advance of commencing your course, that you can pay for your college studies before you can obtain a student visa to study in the United States.

    But what if you can’t afford the fees?

    Don’t give up hope! There are a number of opportunities you can pursue in order to secure funding for your studies.

    For example, most US universities offer scholarship programmes and many accept applications from international students. In fact, more than 600 American universities offer scholarships worth $20,000 or more to international students.

    Scholarships are generally assessed on either academic merit, financial need, or extracurricular contribution. And there are a number of hoops you will need to jump through in order to apply – this may include taking SAT or ACT tests.

    But when you consider the financial benefits to scholarships it’s definitely worth being determined, persistent and seeing the process through to the end.

    Sprintax scholarship tax services

    Types of International Student Scholarship

    (1) University scholarships

    Most universities offer some kind of financial aid for international students. So if you’re considering applying for a scholarship, it’s a good idea to contact your institution of choice and enquire about the options that are available to you.

    (2) Financial scholarships

    While this type of scholarship is usually only available for US residents, some universities offer financial needs-based scholarships to international students.

    (3) Merit scholarships

    This type of scholarship is available to students who are either academically skilled, gifted at sports or who excelled in community or entrepreneurial work.

    (4) Government-funded scholarships

    The US Government offers many scholarship programmes for international students (a number of which are listed further below).

    (5) Privately-funded scholarships

    Numerous private businesses and donors offer scholarships for international students. Many of these programs are targeted at developing countries and minority groups, or in specific areas of study.

    University Scholarships

    Sprintax Services for US international scholars

    Here are some of the scholarship offerings available from some of the biggest universities in the US. While this is nowhere near a complete list of scholarships, it should help you to get a picture of the type of programs that are available for international students.

    American University in Washington D.C.

    AU offers free tuition and board for one international student for a full four years undergraduate study. Some partial scholarships are also available from the college.

    Berea College

    This university, located in Kentucky, is the only school in the US that provides 100% funding to every international student for their first year of enrolment. This combination of financial aid and scholarships offsets the costs of tuition, room, board, and fees. In subsequent years, international students are expected to save $1,000 per year to contribute toward their expenses. All international students are provided with a paid, on-campus job through the College’s Work Program throughout the academic year. Students may use their wages (about US $2,000 the first year) to cover personal expenses

    Clark University

    Clark offers a range of merit-based grants to international applicants. International students can apply for scholarships valued at $20,000 to $25,000 per year.

    Dartmouth College

    Dartmouth College offers scholarships and loans to international students, which includes an allowance for travel to the US. International applicants must demonstrate financial need at the time of application. When not in class, many international financial aid recipients work for the College. Included in the aid award will be $2,450 estimated annual income from work during academic terms.

    Emory University

    This Atlanta-based college offers generous financial assistance for international students. These financial aid programs are linked to applications. In other words, it is impossible to get rejected for a scholarship but still be offered a place at the university.

    College scholar Sprintax

    Harvard University

    International students are eligible for the same amount of financial aid as US students.

    • 55% of Harvard undergraduates receive need-based scholarships
    • Parents of international students who earn less than $65,000 and are not expected to contribute any fees
    • Two-thirds of students work during the academic year

    Illinois Wesleyan University

    Illinois Wesleyan awards a small number of merit and need-based scholarships for international students in each first-year entering class.

    Merit-based scholarships

    These are offered to qualified international applicants with outstanding academic achievement and test scores on the required entrance exams. These awards range from $10,000 to $25,000 per year and are renewable for up to four years. In some instances, additional help is provided through student loans and campus employment.

    President’s International Student Scholarships

    This is a full-tuition scholarship (renewable for up to four years of study) awarded each year to two highly qualified international students in assessing their talents, interests and academic achievements.

    Need-based Scholarships

    You can also be considered for need-based financial aid. Using the information on your CSS Profile, the college can consider ways to further assist you with University funded scholarships, loans and campus-employment opportunities.

    Iowa State University

    Iowa State University offers scholarships (valued from $2,000 to $10,000 per year) to international students. Applicants are automatically considered for the merit-based award.

    Michigan State University

    MSU boasts a Global Spartan Leadership programme for international undergraduates. Recipients receive $8,000 upon completion of the programme requirements – attendance of various leadership training and cultural events. International students can also write an essay about their experience at the university in order to win a top prize of $1,000.

    University of Minnesota

    The University of Minnesota offers various grants and scholarships for international students including:

    Global Excellence Scholarship

    All international freshman and transfer students who complete their applications for admission by the deadlines are automatically considered for a Global Excellence Scholarship. International freshman can receive scholarships of $10,000, $15,000 or $25,000 per year for up to four years. Transfer students can receive $10,000 per year for up to three years when entering the University in the fall semester (transfer students entering in spring semester will be considered for scholarships on a funds-available basis). Awards are competitive and based on academic merit.

    #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

    This scholarship recognizes international students who have a vision for enhancing intercultural understanding. The University awards two annual, renewable scholarships covering $15,000 per year.

    Undergraduate Research Scholarship

    New international freshman admitted to the University will also be considered for the Undergraduate Research Scholarship. Recipients receive $1,400 for participation in a faculty sponsored University of Minnesota research project and up to an additional $300 in support of supplies and expenses related to their research project. Undergraduate research at the University spans all academic disciplines and interests. The Undergraduate Research Scholarship allows students to pursue special research projects outside their regular courses.

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

    The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers tuition waivers to international students that have outstanding academic performance and contribute to extra-curricular activities.

    New York University

    NYU awards scholarships to international students submitting a first-year application

    University of Oregon

    Every year UO awards more than $2.5 million in financial aid and scholarships to international students. In fact, the college offers several sources of financial aid for international students including:

    Automatic Consideration

    UO Excellence Scholarship ($15,000 per year)

    Awarded to incoming freshmen with a 3.90 GPA or higher on a 4.00 scale and a qualifying test score (1450 SAT or 33 ACT).

    Summit Scholarship ($10,000 per year)

    This is awarded to incoming freshmen with a 3.80 GPA or higher on a 4.00 scale and a qualifying test score (1250 SAT or 26 ACT). The GPA requirement is waived for holders of an official International Baccalaureate diploma.

    Apex Scholarship ($7,500 per year)

    Awarded to incoming freshmen with a 3.60 GPA or higher on a 4.00 scale and a qualifying test score (1220 SAT or 25 ACT). The GPA requirement is waived for holders of an official International Baccalaureate diploma.


    International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Tuition Scholarships (partial to full tuition)

    The ICSP scholarship awards tuition-waiver scholarships ranging from partial to full tuition for up to 15 credits per term each year. Scholarships apply to tuition only and are based on financial need, academic merit, and the ability to make presentations to diverse groups of people. The ICSP scholarship has a cultural service component that requires students to give presentations about their home country to children, community organizations, and UO students, faculty, and staff.

    ICSP Nascence Scholarship

    This supplemental scholarship is awarded to a student from China or Hong Kong who is also a recipient of the International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) scholarship. No additional application is required.

    Wesleyan University’s Freeman Asian Scholars Programme

    This programme provides full tuition scholarships for a four-year course for 11 exceptionally able Asian students at undergraduate level. Additionally the university also offers assistance to about 30 international students.

    Government-funded and Private US scholarships

    Scholarship tax Sprintax

    The United States Government and private business both offer many scholarship programmes for international students. A selection of these are listed below, though many more scholarship opportunities are available.

    Fulbright Foreign Student Program

    This is one of the most popular government-funded US scholarships for international students.

    Fulbright offers scholarships for graduate students, young professionals and artists to study in the US for one year or more. The program is open to international students who are studying in all fields (except medicine).

    Approximately 4,000 foreign students receive Fulbright scholarships each year.

    Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

    This is a non-degree scholarship program for international, experienced professionals wishing to undertake 10 months of academic study in the US. Although the funding doesn’t support degree qualifications, students are able to study and develop their knowledge at academic institutions across the US.

    Participants in the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program can enroll in courses in a number of fields including Sustainable Development, Journalism and Communication, Law & Human Rights, Technology Policy and Management, Human Resources, Education, Public Health and more.

    In order to be eligible you’ll need:

    • An undergraduate (first university or Bachelor’s) degree
    • A minimum of five years of full-time, professional experience
    • Limited or no prior experience in the US
    • Demonstrated leadership qualities
    • A record of public service in the community
    • English language ability

    The NextGen Scholarship Fund

    The NextGen Scholarship Fund was created for international students who come to the US with the hopes of obtaining higher education. It’s a scholarship program for students in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia. One annual award (in the amount of $1,000) will be given to a qualified and outstanding high school senior or a current college student at a two-year or four-year college. To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA and be an international student enrolled in a US school. Applications are judged on merit and financial need.

    The P.E.O. International Peace scholarship

    The P.E.O. International Peace scholarship awards up to $12,500 to international students who want to study at a graduate level in America.

    The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship

    This programme provides a limited number of scholarships each year for outstanding students from selected developing countries to pursue postgraduate study. The scholarships are 50 per cent grant and 50 per cent loan.

    How to apply for your scholarship

    US international students College tax returns

    Talk to your college of choice or scholarship awarding body

    Most colleges offer scholarship programs specifically for international students attending the institution. Visit the financial aid pages on the website of your school of choice. Alternatively you can call or email the school. By engaging with the institution, you can get a complete picture of what’s required for a particular scholarship application.

    Am I eligible?

    Eligibility for a scholarship depends entirely on the scholarship; there is no general rule of thumb on whether you are eligible for a financial award. For example, some scholarships require that you are from a certain country while others ask that you have a certain grade point average. You will need to do your own research to see if you are eligible for a scholarship. It is advisable to contact your college of choice directly, if you have any questions regarding eligibility.

    How do I apply?

    Similarly to eligibility criteria, there are no universally standardised rules or requirements for scholarship applications. While some just require you to complete an application form, others may require a specially written piece of work, or for you to be pursuing studies in a certain field. If you find a scholarship for which you think that you may be eligible, contact the award administrator for more details on how to apply.

    Are there taxable implications on my Scholarship?

    Yes there might be. If your scholarship only covers tuition there is generally no tax implication. However, if there are elements that cover areas that are not directly related to your tuition then these will generally have tax implications. Some examples of this include housing allowances, food allowances or travel allowances. If your scholarship is taxable, generally you will receive a 1042-S income document to reflect this taxable income earned.

    What should I do with my 1042-S document?

    You will need this document when you are preparing your tax return to outline the taxable income that you earned during the tax year. You can do this on Sprintax in the “Let’s Talk Money” section.

    And remember…

    Scholarship tax Sprintax

    Every international student and scholar in the US has a tax filing requirement.

    Sprintax is the only online self-prep Federal and State tax software for international students in the US.

    Sprintax is also the ‘go-to’ tax preparation software for numerous major universities in the US including Columbia, Arizona State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Cornell. We’re also the non-resident partner of choice for Turbo Tax.

    Prepare with Sprintax! File with confidence!

    • Compliant US tax return
    • Save time and stress!
    • Avail of relevant international tax treaties
    • Avail of personal allowances, credits & tax deductions
    • 24/7 Vita Qualified Live Chat facility
    • Maximize your State tax refund
    • Over 500k people have used Sprintax to prepare their tax return and get their tax refund

    Prepare your US tax return today!



  • Her J-1 katılımcısının ABD vergileri hakkında bilmesi gereken 5 şey

    student j1 tax refund US
    • Başkan Trump’ın ‘Vergi Kesintileri ve İş Kanunu’ J-1 vize sahipleri için ne anlama gelmekte.
    • J-1 yükümlülük ve haklarını anlamak.
    • Sprintax – J-1 vergi iadesine başvuru yapmak için en kolay yol.

    Başkan Trump 2017 Kasım ayında ‘ Vergi Kesintileri ve İş Kanunu ‘ yasasını açıkladığında birçok J-1 vize sahibi ve uluslararası öğrenci ABD’yi kafası karışık bir şekilde terketti.

    ‘Bu beni nasıl etkileyecek ?’ ‘Vergi iadesi başvurusunda bulunmam gerekli mi?’ ‘Hala vergi iadesi alabilir miyim?

    Bir çok soru cevapsız kalmıştı.

    Bugün bu soruları cevaplamak için buradayız! Eğer bir J-1 seyahatiyle ABD’ye gidecekseniz bu rehberi takip edin, bu şekilde almaya hakkınız olan vergi iadelerini alırken ABD vergi dairesi IRS’i mutlu tutmayı başarabileceksiniz.

    Pekala, daha fazla uzatmadan işte her J-1 katılımcısının ABD vergisi hakkında bilmesi gereken 5 şey.

    Zamanınız kısıtlı mı ? Bunun yerne hazırladığımız videoya bir göz atın!

    (1) Evet, vergi iadesine başvurmak zorundasınız!

    Her bir ABD J-1 vize sahibi vergi yılı sonunda vergi iadesi için başvuruda bulunmak zorunda. Yasa bu şekilde!

    Başkan Trump’ın yasasından önce J-1 sahiplerinin vergi iade başvurusu yapmasını gerektirmeyen bazı durumlar vardı.

    Ancak artık durum böyle değil ve J-1 vizesinin şartlarından biride vize sahibinin vergi beyannamesi vermesidir.


    Başvuruda bulunmak

    Başvuruda bulunmanın birkaç farklı yolu bulunmakta.

    Yeni başlayanlar, başvurunuzu direkt olarak IRS ile gerçekleştirebilirsiniz.

    Ancak, birçok J-1 öğrencisi için vergi beyannamesi doldurmak son derece kafa karıştırıcı, karmaşık ve açıkça sıkıcı bir iştir!

    ABD vergi beyannamenizi hazırlamanın en hızlı, en kolay ve en iyi yolu Sprintax’ı seçmektir. Bu konuda daha fazlası aşağıda!


    Başvuruda bulunmamak

    J-1 programınızdan sonra vergi beyannamesi vermezseniz, cezalara ve faizlere tabi olabilirsiniz.

    Geç dosyalama cezası, geri dönüşünüzün geç kaldığı her ay için ödenen ek vergi borcunun% 5’i kadardır (en fazla% 25’e kadar). Son ödeme tarihinden 60 günden fazla bir süre sonra başvuru yaparsanız, asgari ceza 205$ veya ödenmemiş verginizin % 100’ü kadardır,  hangisi daha düşükse.

    Vergi yükümlülüklerinize uymamanız, gelecekte ABD vizesinin reddedilmesine de neden olabilir.


    Vergi ikamet durumu nedir ?

    Sağlıklı bir vergi iadesi başvurusunda bulunmak için ikamet durumunuzu belirlemek çok önemlidir.

    J-1 vize sahiplerinin çoğunluğu, IRS tarafından vergi amaçlı ikamet etmeyen yabancılar olarak kabul edilir.

    Vergi beyannamenizi Sprintax ile hazırladığınızda, yazılımımız verdiğiniz bilgilere dayanarak ikamet durumunuzu belirleyecektir.

    Vergi beyannamenizi Sprintax ile hazırlayın

    student j1 tax refund US

    (2) Trump’ın yaptığı değişiklikler öğrenciler için ne anlama gelmekte

    ‘Vergi Kesintileri ve İşler Yasası’nın tüm ABD vergi mükellefleri için etkileri mevcut – ancak özellikle ABD’de eğitim, staj yapmak veya WaT için bulunanlar için daha geniş kapsamlı etkileri vardır.

    Bu değişikliklerin çoğu Ocak 2018’de yürülüğe girdiğinden, ikamet etmeyen kişilerin ABD vergi yükümlülüklerini ve haklarını anlamaları çok önemlidir.

    İkamet etmeyen kişileri etkileyen en büyük değişim ‘kişisel muafiyet’ konusundadır.

    Yasa değişikliğinden önce ABD’de ikamet etmeden çalışan her bir birey $4,050lık bir kişisel muafiyete sahipti. Bir başka değişle 2017 tılında J1 vizesiyle ABD’de öalıyor olsaydınız $4,050 a kadar vergi ödemeden gelir elde edebilirdiniz.

    Bununla birlikte, 1 Ocak 2018 itibariyle (ve 2025 yılına kadar) kişisel muafiyet 4.050 Dolardan 0 Dolara düşürülmüştür. Kişisel muafiyetin kaldırılması, ikamet etmeyen herkes için vergilendirilebilir toplam gelirin arttığı anlamına gelir.

    Unutmamakta fayda var, bu değişiklikler 2017 ve öncesi yıllara etki etmemekte. Yani eğer 2017 yılında J1 vizesiyle ABD’de çalıştıysanız hala kişisel muafiyet yasasından yaralanabilirsiniz.

    Vergi beyannamenizi Sprintax ile hazırlayın


    (3) Hala vergi iadesi alma hakkınız olabilir

    Kişisel muafiyetin kaldırılması, ikamet etmeyen kişilerin çoğu için Federal vergi iadelerinin azaltılacağı anlamına geliyor.

    2018 vergi yılından itibaren, ikamet etmeyen bir kişinin Federal vergi iadesi almaya hak kazanmasının tek nedeni, gelirlerinden çok fazla vergi kesilmesidir.

    Yinede, Federal vergi iadesi almaya hakkınız olmasa bile Eyalet vergi iadesi alma şansınız bir hayli yüksek.

    Ortalama Eyalet vergilerimiz $175

    Ancak unutmayın; Eyalet vergi iadenizi alabilmek için beyannamede bulunmalısınız. Eyalet vergi beyannamesinde bulunabilmek için öncesinde Federal vergi beyannamesini yapmış olmak zorundasınız !

    Son olarak? Yasal olarak vergi beyannamesinde bulunmanız gerekli. Eyalet vergilerinizi alabilmek için harika bir fırsatınız var. O halde başvurunuzu yapın ve paranızı alın!

    Sprintax ile geri ödemenizi burada talep edin!

    student j1 tax refund US

    (4) Ne kadar vergi ödeyeceksiniz?

    2018 yılının başından itibaren tüm ikamet etmeyen kişiler elde ettikleri ilk 9,525$ a kadar %10 gelir vergisi ödemeli. Eğer bu rakamdan fazla bir gelir elde ettiyseniz 9,525$ ile 38,700$ arasındaki gelirler için %12 gelir vergisi ödemeniz gerekli.


    (1) Fred, yaz aylarında bir restoranda çalışmak için J-1 vizesiyle Boston’a gider. ABD’de bulunduğu süre boyunca 4.000 $ kazanır.

    Eğer Fred 2017’de Boston’da çalışsaydı, kazancı üzerinden vergi ödemek zorunda kalmayacaktı, çünkü geliri 4.050 dolarlık kişisel muafiyet tutarını geçmemiş olacaktı.

    Ancak eğer Fred 2018’de Boston’da çalışmışsa, kişisel muafiyetten faydalanamayacak ve gelir vergisi olarak 400$ (% 10) ödemek zorunda kalacak.

    (2) Fiona J-1 vizesiyle Miami’ye gider ve kendisine yazın çalışabileceği bir ofis işi bulur. ABD’de kaldığı süre içerisinde 9,000$ kazanır (tüm WaT katılımcılarının %50sinin ortalama kazancı).

    Fiona bu geliri 2017 yılında elde etseydi ödemesi gereken vergi $495 olacaktı. ($9,000 – $4,050 = $4,950. 10% of $4,950 = $495).

    Ancak, bu geliri 2018 yılında kazanırsa, toplam vergi tutarı 900$ olacaktır.

    tam vergi oranları listesi ve aralıkları aşağıdaki gibidir:


    Aralık                             Vergi oranı

    $0 – $9,525

    Vergiye tabi gelirin %10u

    $9,526 – $38,700            +   $9,526 nın üzerindeki kısmın %12si


    $38,701 – $82,501           +   $38,701 in üzerindeki kısmın % 22si


    $82,501 – $157,500         +  $82,501 in üzerindeki kısmın % 24ü


    $157,501 – $200,000       +  $157,501 in üzerindeki kısmın % 32si


    İadenizi Sprintax ile buradan talep edin!

    student j1 tax refund US

    (5) Sprintax vergi beyannamenizi hazırlamanın en kolay yoludur

    Sprintax, J-1 programında bulunan ve ABD’de ikamet etmeyenlerin beyannameleri için tek bireysel olarak çevrimiçi hazırlama yazılımıdır. ADB vergi beyannamenizi dakikalar içinde hazırlamanıza yardım edecek!

    Bir Sprintax hesabı oluşturduğunuzda, sistemimiz tam uyumlu Federal ve Eyalet vergi beyannamelerini hazırlamanıza yardımcı olacaktır.

    Yazılımımız ayrıca yasal olarak almaya hakkınız olan maksimum vergi iadenizi almanızı da sağlayacaktır.

    Sprintax aynı zamanda ABD’deki NYU, Columbia, Arizona Eyalet Üniversitesi, Illinois Teknoloji Enstitüsü ve Cornell gibi birçok büyük üniversiteye yönelik “vergi iadesi” yazılımıdır.

    Aynı zamanda Turbo Tax’in ikamet etmeyen kişiler için önerdiği iş ortağı konumundayız.

    “Kendin yap” ne anlama gelir?

    Sprintax J-1 vize sahiplerine kolayca ve tam uyumlu bir şekilde vergi beyannameleri hazırlama imkanı sunun bir “kendin-yap” yazılımdır.

    Hesabınızı oluşturduğunuzda, yazılıma bazı ilgili bilgileri girmeniz istenecektir. Ardından tamamlanmış ve tamamen uyumlu 1040NR (ikamet etmeyen kişiler için vergi beyannamesi) belgenizi indirebileceksiniz.

    Sprintax aracılığıyla başvurduğunuzda güvenle başvurusunuz!

    • Tamamen uyumlu ABD vergi iadesi
    • Zaman ve stresten tasarruf edin!
    • İkamet durumunuzu öğrenin
    • İlgili uluslarası vergi anlaşmaları hakkında faydalı.
    • Kişisel muafiyet, krediler ve vergi kesintileri konusunda faydalı
    • 24/7 Vita belgeli Canlı Yardım servisi
    • En yüksek  seviyede Eyaler vergi iadesi

    500 binden fazla kişi Sprintax’ı vergi beyannamelerini hazırlamak ve vergi iadelerini almak için kullandı.

    Maliyeti ne kadar olacak ?

    Sprintax vergi beyannamesi hazırlama ücretleri:

    $35,95 – Federal

    $25,95 – Eyalet

    Ancak unutmayın, çoğu J-1 vizesi sahibi Eyalet Vergi İadesi hakkına sahiptir!

    Nasıl başlayabilirim  ?

    Çok Kolay!

    Hemen bir Sprintax hesabı oluşturun!


    • J-1 vize sahiplerinin çok büyük kısmı ABD devleti tarafından vergi işlemlerinde ikamet etmeyen statüsünde kabul edilir.
    • ABD’de ikamet etmeyen her bir birey, yasal olarak vergi beyannamesi yapmak zorundadır.
    • Bu işlemin yapılmaması cezalara, yaptırımlara ve gelecek yıllarda ABD’ye girişlerinize izin verilmemesine yol açabilir.
    • 1 Ocak 2018 itibariyle ikamet etmeyen kişilerin artık $4,050 Dolarlık kişisel muafiyete tabi tutulmayı talep etme hakları yoktur.
    • Sprintax ABD vergi iade başvurularınızı daha kolay hale getirmekte!
    • Vergi iade başvurunuzu Sprintax ile gerçekleştirmeniz durumunda yasal olarak almaya hakkınız olan en yüksek vergi iade miktarını elde edeceksiniz.

    ABD vergi beyannamenizi Sprintax ile hazırlamak inanılmaz ucuz ve kolaydır. Şimdi başlayın!

  • It’s time to talk about Community College

    Community College Sprintax

    5 reasons why the two year route could be right for you


    You’ve made up your mind.

    You want to study in the US.

    But what’s your next step?

    Well many students in your position will research available courses in the many prestigious American Universities.

    But getting into these Universities can be tricky. And the tuition fees can be astronomical.

    So what can you do?

    There is one option you should consider before you make the final decision on where you’re going to study.

    Community College.

    Roughly one in five of all international undergraduate students in the US study at a Community College. That adds up to almost 100,000 students.

    International students find that there are numerous benefits to enrolling at a Community College such as reduced fees, smaller class sizes and one-on-one assistance.

    Additionally, studying at a Community College doesn’t mean limited options (as some might lead you to believe). On the contrary.

    Students can study diverse topics and find virtually limitless opportunities to learn and further their education at four year Universities if desired.

    5 reasons why you should consider enrolling in a Community College

    International Student US tax return Sprintax

    A Community College is a higher education institution that primarily serves its surrounding community.

    There are over a thousand Community Colleges in the United States and most offer a variety of degrees or certificates that prepare both domestic and international students for the working world.

    There are many differences between Community Colleges and Universities. Perhaps the most obvious is the duration of degrees offered.

    Typically Courses at Community Colleges take two years to complete, while the duration is often four years at Universities.

    While many Community Colleges do not carry the prestige of their four-year counterparts, there are still many advantages to choosing the two year route.

    Here are just five reasons every international student should consider enrolling in a US Community College.

    (1) Tuition fees

    Community College is certainly a good option for students who are budget conscious.

    One of the main advantages of enrolling in a Community College is the reduced tuition fees.

    Fees for international students at traditional four-year Universities can cost upwards of $40,000 per year. But at Community Colleges, fees are often closer to $10,000 per College year.

    Many students aim to use Community College as a stepping-stone before finishing their degree at a University. Since Community College tuition is more affordable than a traditional four-year University, spending the first two years of a course at a Community College is a great way to save money.

    (2) Options

    As outlined above, international students who enroll in Community Colleges have lots of options.

    Firstly, you could choose to complete your course before seeking out opportunities in the working world.

    Or you could use the course as a springboard toward further education.

    At traditional four year Universities, students usually spend their first two years taking general education requirements such as math or history.

    This means that during the first two years of University, regardless of what you study, you’ll be required to take the same general education requirements.

    It will not be until your third and fourth year that you will focus on the requirements which are more specific to your chosen degree program.

    This is why many international students choose to do the two years of general educational requirements at a Community College before transferring to a traditional University to complete their degree.

    What’s more, Community Colleges and Universities often develop special agreements for the transfer of credits and degrees between the institutions.  Some Community Colleges even have programs that guarantee students’ admission to a four-year institution.

    (3) Campus size

    Another big difference between Community Colleges and Universities is campus size.

    Universities are usually much larger than Community Colleges. In fact, some Universities have over a hundred thousand students. Normally Community Colleges do not come near that level of student population.

    Catching your bearings and finding your way around is much easier on a smaller campus. And with a reduced student population, it will be easier to get to know fellow students and make friends!

    Community College Sprintax tax return

    (4) Student faculty ratio

    The ratio of students to faculty members is also smaller at Community Colleges.

    Why is this a positive?

    Class sizes tend to be small. During the course of your studies you may require some face time with a teacher or professor. You are much more likely to get it at a Community College.

    This will enable you to ask more questions and get the support you need.

    (5) Cutting edge fields

    Smaller class sizes can be highly beneficial for international students as they adjust to the pace of US academic life and practice their English-language skills.

    They can also be advantageous when you are studying subjects in certain cutting-edge fields such as biomedical technology, robotics and internet and computer technologies etc.

    10 of the best Community Colleges for international students

    Half of international students in US Community Colleges choose an institution in either California, Texas, Florida, Washington state or New York state.

    Below are the top 10 Community Colleges for international students (based on foreign student populations).

    1Houston Community College

    Where – Houston, Texas

    Number of international students in 2016/17 – 5,982


    2Santa Monica College

    Where – Santa Monica, California

    Number of international students in 2016/17 – 3,532

    3Lone Star College

    Where – The Woodlands, Texas

    Number of international students in 2016/17 – 3,025

    4De Anza College

    Where – Cupertino, California

    Number of international students in 2016/17 – 2,792

    5Northern Virginia Community College

    Where – Annadale, Virginia

    Number of international students in 2016-2017 – 2,027

    6Miami Dade College

    Where – Miami, Florida

    Number of international students in 2016-2017 – 1,995

    Miami International Student tax returns Sprintax

    7Montgomery College

    Where – Rockville, Maryland

    Number of international students in 2016-2017 – 1,933

    8 Green River College

    Where – Auburn, Washington

    Number of international students in 2016/17 – 1,789

    9Valencia College

    Where – Orlando, Florida

    Number of international students in 2016/17 – 1,764

    10Diablo Valley

    Where – Pleasant Hill, California

    Number of international students in 2016/17 – 1,641

    Sprintax can help Community College students

    Regardless of where you choose to study, every international in the US is legally obliged to file a tax return each year.

    Sprintax is the only online self-prep tax software for international students in the US. It will help you prepare your fully compliant US tax return in minutes!

    Sprintax is the ‘go-to’ tax filing software for numerous major universities in the US including NYU, Columbia, Arizona State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Cornell. We’re also the non-resident partner of choice for Turbo Tax.

    File with Sprintax! File with confidence!

    • Compliant US tax return
    • Save time and stress!
    • Determine your residency status
    • Avail of relevant international tax treaties
    • Avail of personal allowances, credits & tax deductions
    • 24/7 Vita Qualified Live Chat facility
    • Maximize your State tax refund
    • Over 500k people have used Sprintax to prepare their tax return and get their tax refund.

    File your tax return here

  • The international students’ guide to US cell phones and plans

    How international students can stay connected in the US

    Moving to the US to study is undoubtedly exciting. But it can also be extremely daunting for many students.

    However, with phones, laptops and tablets, the world has never been more connected than it is today.

    So just because you leave your home country doesn’t mean you have to lose touch with your friends and family.

    When you move to the US you’ll have to get used to a new set of cell phone plan offerings.

    And with so many options, picking the right plan can get confusing.

    So with this in mind we’ve created a useful guide to staying connected when you move to the US.

    Bringing your phone to the US

    Many modern models of phones do work internationally. However, it does depend on the type of technology your phone uses. If you live in Europe, Africa or parts of Asia, it’s likely that your phone uses GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications). This is not the most common system used in the US (although certain providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile do use it). is a useful tool to use if you’re confused as to whether or not your phone will work in the US.

    Still, even if your phone does work, it’s probably not the best idea to use your current provider as it will likely be expensive and you may want to have a local number.

    The solution is to get your hands on an American SIM card and sign up to a cell phone plan.

    You might be considering treating yourself to a new phone to kick off your US experience with a bang!

    But if you would prefer to use your current phone, it’s important to ensure that it’s ‘unlocked’ when joining a US plan.

    Phone plans on offer

    It’s always a good idea to shop around and choose the most suitable phone plan option for you.

    Fortunately, sites like have compiled and compared the offerings of over 50 companies in one place for your convenience.

    We’ve picked out some of the best value phone plan options below.

    Provider: FreedomPop

    Plans: What’s better than free? With FreedomPop you can get 200 talk minutes, 500 text messages and 500MB of high-speed data each month for FREE! Nowadays, it seems that most college campuses, bars, restaurants and shopping centres have good Wi-Fi availability. But if you’d prefer to upgrade your data allowance, FreedomPop have plans that go as high as 4GB per month for $34.99.

    What’s more, international students can avail of 100 free minutes a month to call over 50 countries.

    Provider: Simple Mobile

    Plans:  Their $25 a month plan includes unlimited calling, texting and 3GB of high speed data. If you would prefer higher data caps, they have plans going up to ‘truly unlimited’ for $60.

    Simple Mobile is a good option for international students because it includes international texting and calling to a number of countries like Mexico, Canada, China and India. And, for other countries, customers can access low rates by adding a global calling card.

    Provider: Tracfone

    Plans: For students on a budget or those who do not need to use their phones much, this is a good option. Plans start at $15 per month. The company also offers a reliable service using the AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile networks. Plus, if you’re not happy with the offering you can cancel anytime. There are no contracts.

    Provider: Total Wireless

    Plans: This is a good option for international students with moderate data needs. By paying $35 a month you can get a plan which includes unlimited call and text, plus 5GB of high-speed data. And you can add another 3GB of high-speed data for $10.

    Provider: Verizon

    Plans: Verizon is one of the leading providers in the US. Plans range from $40 to $80 a month. All of these include unlimited talk and text. Students can either opt for the U unlimited plan or other more inexpensive options such as S for 2GB, M for 4GB, and L for 8GB cell phone plan. They also have plans with unlimited talk, text and 3GB of high speed data.

    Provider: StraightTalk

    Plans: StraightTalk offer a variety of plans ranging from $30 to $60 per month. With the $30 plan you can avail of 100MB of data with unlimited texts and 1,500 minutes. However, the $60 option may be more attractive for international students. With this deal you’ll receive 10GB of data and unlimited worldwide calls and texts.

    Provider: Republic Wireless

    Plans: There are a range of affordable plans here. For $20 you can receive unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data. For every GB of data you add to your plan there is an additional $5 charge (up to a total monthly price of $90).

    Provider: T-Mobile Prepaid

    Plans: There are numerous plans to choose from here. You can even get a talk and text plan starting at $3 per month. Perhaps the best value option, however, is the unlimited talk, text, and up to 10GB of 4G data offering. This will set you back $40 per month.

    Keeping your phone bill down

    How can you keep regular contact with your friends and family back home without driving your cell phone bill through the ceiling?

    Most college campuses, cafes and other public places offer free and reliable WI-FI connection. And by using free apps like Skype or Whatsapp, you can call or message your family and friends without eating into your monthly data allowance or driving up your phone bill.

    Now that you’ve got your phone plan sorted…

    It’s time to talk about tax!

    Every international in the US is legally obliged to file a tax return.

    Sprintax is the only online self-prep tax software for international students in the US. It will help you prepare your fully compliant US tax return in minutes!

    Sprintax is the ‘go-to’ tax filing software for numerous major universities in the US including NYU, Columbia, Arizona State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Cornell. We’re also the non-resident partner of choice for Turbo Tax.

    File with Sprintax! File with confidence!

    • Compliant US tax return
    • Save time and stress!
    • Determine your residency status
    • Avail of relevant international tax treaties
    • Avail of personal allowances, credits & tax deductions
    • 24/7 Vita Qualified Live Chat facility
    • Maximize your State tax refund
    • Over 500k people have used Sprintax to prepare their tax return and get their tax refund.

    File your US tax return here.



  • Can the college I choose to enroll in effect my US tax bill?

    State tax refunds Sprintax

    Want to work while studying in the US? It’s important to be aware that tax rates differ greatly from State-to-State

    Every year, more and more students select the US as the destination in which they want to continue their education. And it’s easy to see why. The US boasts a world renowned university system and an outstanding program offering in virtually all fields.

    But with so many universities in such a vast country, how can students choose the college and course that is right for them?

    The truth is that there are many different factors that go into deciding where to study and which college to attend. While lifestyle, history and climate are always important elements for students, cost and financing college fees usually come out on top of their list of considerations.

    Expenses and college fees vary from State-to-State and can have a big impact when choosing where to study.

    Even though many US colleges and universities make financial aid and scholarships available, most international students must still rely on their own sources of funds in order to pay for their education – family funds, loans and savings etc.

    It’s no surprise then that so many international students are interested in securing employment in the US during their time in college in order to earn some much needed cash.

    These programs are known as ‘work & study’. If you are a full-time student in the US and want to be a member of a work & study program, you must either have an F-1 or M-1 visa – the two non-immigrant visa categories available for international students.

    Sprintax state tax refunds

    International students & tax

    Every international student is legally obliged to file a tax return for each year they were in the US. If you worked in the US during your time in college you must detail your earnings on your tax return.

    Many students are unaware that the State they choose to work in can affect their monthly tax withholding.

    In the US, taxes withheld on wages by employers include Federal income tax, State income tax, and certain other levies by a few States.

    While Federal tax withholding is required no matter which State you choose, not all States have an income tax on earned income. There are nine States that have no personal income tax:

    1. Alaska
    2. Florida
    3. Nevada
    4. New Hampshire
    5. South Dakota
    6. Tennessee
    7. Texas
    8. Washington
    9. Wyoming

    Note: Tennessee and New Hampshire only tax dividends and interest.

    This means that if you chose to study and work in one of the States mentioned above, you will have one less tax deduction to worry about!

    In other words, you can potentially receive a higher wage every pay period.

    State tax refunds

    California state tax refunds Sprintax

    If you do study and work in a State where there are State tax deductions, it’s important to note that it’s likely you’ll be entitled to a refund of a significant portion of your contributions.

    You can claim your refund when you file your end of year tax return.

    But does the State that you study in have any effect on the amount of money you’ll be refunded?

    The answer to that question is yes!

    At Sprintax we help hundreds of thousands of international students to file their tax returns and claim their State tax refund every year.

    We’ve crunched the numbers and can reveal, as detailed below, that, in 2017, students who studied and worked in California received a larger State tax refund ($1015) than anywhere else in the US!

    Top 10 average State tax refunds

    top 10 state tax refunds Sprintax

    Claiming your State tax refund

    The easiest way to file your US tax return and claim your State tax refund is to choose Sprintax.

    Sprintax is the only online Federal and State self-prep tax software for international students and non-residents in the US. It will help you prepare your US tax return in minutes and enable you to receive your maximum legal tax refund!

    Sprintax is the ‘go-to’ tax filing software for numerous major universities in the US including NYU, Columbia, Arizona State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Cornell. We’re also the non-resident partner of choice for Turbo Tax.

    To file your US tax return the easy way, get started here!

  • Form 8843. What is it? And how do I file it?

    File your US tax return the easy way with Sprintax

    There are three things that every US international student and J-1 visa holder needs to know about American tax.

    1 – Every US international student and J-1 visa holder has a tax filing requirement

    2 – It doesn’t matter if you have earned income. You must still file your documents before the deadline

    3 – The IRS takes this stuff seriously! In other words, if you don’t comply with your tax obligations, you may encounter complications when applying for US visas in the future

    Regardless of whether you have earned income during your time in the US, you will still need to file what’s known as a Form 8843.

    This blog will focus on exactly what you need to do in order to file this form and remain complaint with the IRS.

    Sprintax US tax form 8843

    First things first. What is a Form 8843?

    The first thing you should know about Form 8843 is that it’s not a tax return. Instead, it’s a statement you file if you are a certain type of non-resident alien (including spouses/dependents of certain non-resident aliens).

    Who should file a Form 8843?

    All non-residents aliens who are in the US on F-1, J-1 or J-2 visas are required to file a Form 8843. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t earn any income, you must still file this form.

    How can I fill out this form?

    There are a number of sections in this form. However, not all of them will be relevant to you. It depends on your personal circumstances.

    Part 1

    file Form 8843 with Sprintax

    In part 1 of your Form 8843 you will need to include the following information:

    • Your personal details (as they appear on your passport)
    • Your Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) – if you have one
    • Your visa type: (F-1, J-1, etc)
    • Your current non-immigrant status
    • The number of days you were present in the US in the last 3 years
    • The number of days you were present in the US in the relevant tax year (enter this in the substantial presence test box)

    File your Form 8843 the easy way!

    Part 2

    Form 8843 Sprintax

    In part 2, teachers and trainees are required to include details of what academic institution or programme you were involved in during the previous year.

    Parts 3, 4 & 5

    file US tax with Sprintax

    File US tax forms with Sprintax

    F-1 and J-1 visa holders should, in part 3:

    • Include details of your academic institution or programme
    • and answer the rest of the questions according to your personal circumstances

    The majority of students in the US on F or J non-immigrant status will not need to fill in parts 4 and 5.

    What is the deadline for filing a Form 8843?

    You must file your Form 8843, along with any tax return that is due, by the 15 April deadline.

    International students and scholars – file your tax return before the April 15th deadline

    Do I have to file any other tax documents?

    If you get a job in the US, you’ll need to fill out a W-4 Form so your employer knows what income should be withheld from your wages as taxes.

    Similarly if you received a grant, scholarship or stipend, some of this may be classified as income and have tax implications. At the end of the tax year, you will need to prove that you’ve paid the correct amount by filing your tax return.

    If you earned income in the US you must file a tax return – Form 1040NR/Form 1040 NR-EZ – as well as Form 8843.

    What’s the easiest way to file my tax documents?

    Sprintax will guide you through the tax filing process, firstly determining your tax residency status, and then identifying which forms you need to complete based on your own personal circumstances.

    Plus, if you have any questions, our Vita Qualified Live Chat team are on hand to help 24/7!

    File your US tax documents the easy way today!

  • Introducing Sprintax TDS…


    All of your questions answered


    Tax. Granted, not the most exciting topic in the world. But its importance can never be called into question.

    Over recent years the proper documentation and withholding of payments to non-resident students and scholars has become an increasingly important issue for US educational institutions.

    How much tax should an international student being paying? Are they entitled to any reliefs or deductions? Who can help them handle their US tax?

    Finally there is an easy to manage, easy to use solution which makes US tax easy for international students.

    Sprintax, the only online self-prep tax software for non-residents and J-1 visa holders in the US, is launching a Tax Determination System (TDS) – a hassle-free tool which will help non-residents to pay the correct amount of tax.

    Sprintax TDS ensures that students and scholars are taxed correctly on income earned in the US, so that the correct amount of tax is withheld from their earnings and reported to the IRS.

    Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

    Who can use Sprintax TDS?

    Sprintax TDS is available for use by foreign students, scholars, teachers, researchers, trainees and all other international visitors with F, M, J, Q, H and L visas.

    How does it work?

    All students and scholars have to do to get started is quickly complete our online questionnaire. TDS will take care of the rest!

    Based on the information a student provides, Sprintax TDS will calculate student and scholar tax withholding and determine whether they’re eligible for tax treaties or deductions. It will then prepare the necessary tax documents for students, such as 1042-S, 8233, W-8Ben, etc.

    How is this tool useful for US educational institutions?

     Sprintax TDS:

    • Calculates tax withholding for non-resident international students, scholars, and professionals
    • Determines residency for tax purposes
    • Calculates tax withholding rates
    • Generates tax forms such as 1042-S, W-4, and W-8Ben, etc.
    • Documents and securely stores student tax information
    • Tax treaties built-in
    • Simple school and student interfaces

    Is Sprintax TDS easy to use?

    Sprintax TDS highlights the tax status of your international students and scholars on a user-friendly administrator dashboard, and identifies how they should be taxed on income from your institution. TDS can also link to Sprintax Tax Preparation where students can prepare their tax returns upon completing their TDS account.

    Why should your international students try Sprintax TDS?

    Let’s face it. Tax is confusing.

    It’s hard enough coming to terms with the tax system in their own country. Then, when an international student moves to the US, they have to become familiar with a completely new tax system.

    Sprintax TDS makes managing tax easy for international students in the US.

    So why not give it a try?!

    Contact us today to schedule a FREE Demo


  • Using TurboTax to Claim Your J1 Tax Refund is Illegal

    Testimonial image for Sprintax

    It’s hard to imagine anything worse than the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) sniffing around after your J1 experience of a lifetime.

    But this is exactly what can happen if you file an inaccurate US tax return.

    If you worked in the US on a J1 visa, then chances are you are legally obliged to file your US tax return by the Apr 15 deadline.

    So for example, if you’re on a J1 in 2018, then you should file your tax return by April 15 2019. If you file your US taxes correctly, you won’t run into any trouble later on. This is important if you ever wish to return to the US on another visa or for a holiday.

    If you go the US on a J1 visa, you’ll be considered a non-resident for tax purposes and must file as a non-resident.

    TurboTax logoResidents in the US can prepare and file their US taxes with the country’s biggest online tax preparation service, TurboTax . TurboTax guides US residents on their taxes and guarantees them maximum refunds. TurboTax offers an excellent online service that helps millions of US residents prepare their taxes and claim refunds. It’s super easy to use, however TurboTax is a service for US residents only, so it’s not suitable for you if you’ve been to the US on a J1 visa. Sprintax is TurboTax’s preferred partner for non-residents on a J1 visa.

    However, TurboTax is a service for US residents only.

    And as a J1 student you’ll typically be considered non-resident for tax purposes.

    If you do use TurboTax to file your US taxes, then you’ll end up filing as a resident. As a non-resident J1 visa-holder, this means your tax return will be inaccurate and you could get into trouble later on!

    trouble meme

    As a J1 visa-holder, you should NOT file as a resident.

    TurboTax and any other resident tax preparation service for residents will assume you understand your residency status, so if you file with them, you may unwittingly file as a resident. And if you file inaccurately, the IRS could come knocking and you may be subject to fines and penalties.

    One such J1 participant, finance student Sofia García from Venezuela felt the strong-arm of the IRS when she filed as a resident through TurboTax:


    From May to September 2017, Sofia worked as a busser, clearing tables at The Surf Lodge in Montauk New York. A friend pointed her to TurboTax as the perfect solution for filing her taxes. Unfortunately, Sofia went ahead and filed using TurboTax despite being non-resident for tax purposes.

    A few months down the line and back in Venezuela, she got a letter from the IRS asking her to confirm her identity.

    Had Sofia prepared her tax return with non-resident tax partner of TurboTax, Sprintax, her US taxes would have been filed without incident. She also wouldn’t have to wait to claim her tax refund. For example the average state tax refund for New York State is currently 464.18.

    Sofia came to us for help so we proceeded with an amendment of her US tax return, which could now take the IRS 6 months or longer to process, meaning she’ll have to wait a lot longer for any long due refunds.

    She won’t be making that mistake again!


    So if I file an inaccurate tax return, will I get into trouble?

    Claiming a refund you are not entitled to is considered tax evasion, which is a crime.

    If you’re caught you may have to pay penalties and interest. You may also have trouble re-entering the US or applying for a green card.

    It doesn’t matter if you do it yourself or another company does it for you, if a fraudulent tax return is filed on your behalf, it is you that will be held responsible.

    And the worst part is you may not even be aware any laws were broken.

    ‘’Not knowing’’ isn’t considered a valid excuse by the IRS.

    So one of the most important things is to ensure you file using the correct tax status and if you’re using a tax preparer, use a reputable one like Sprintax.


    You could be claiming reliefs, exemptions, and credits you’re not entitled to!

    If you file as a resident, then you may end up claiming certain reliefs, exemptions or credits you’re not entitled to. This could result in a bigger refund. However, as a non-resident you won’t be entitled to many of these and must repay them to the IRS if they demand it.

    This could leave you with a hefty tax bill.

    The American Opportunity Tax Credit (AOTC) is a good example of this. We’ve come across cases where some J1 students incorrectly claim this credit as a ‘’$1000 bonus’’.

    However, if someone says you can claim this as a non-resident J1 participant, this is false.

    The AOTC is only available under strict conditions.

    A J1 visa holder can’t avail of AOTC unless in their 6th year for students or 3rd year for all other categories in the US and considered a resident for tax purposes. You must also be studying the US.

    If you claim it incorrectly, you’ll end up owing money to the IRS and it could affect future visa applications.


    If I file an inaccurate tax return, what happens if there’s an audit?

    The IRS can audit your taxes any time within a 3 year time limit after you file your tax return. Most people find the prospect of an audit to be stressful.

    So the more help you get, the better.

    If you get selected for an audit and you run into issues. can help you file an amendment of your US tax return.


    How do I avoid issues with the IRS?

    The easiest way to file your non-resident taxes and stay on the right side of the IRS is to file with Sprintax.

    As an authorised partner of TurboTax, Sprintax J1 tax preparation is specifically designed for non-residents filing US taxes. Sprintax is a self-prep service, meaning you can create an account here and prepare your federal and state tax return by answering a few simple questions online.

    Here is how it works:

    1. You create a Sprintax account here
    2. Answer some simple questions
    3. Upload any required docs, such as your W2 form
    4. We prepare your fully compliant federal/state tax return(s)
    5. You pay an online fee of $35.95 for Federal Return or $25.95 for a State Return
    6. We give you instructions on where to send your tax return
    7. You print and send (file it) with the IRS as per our instructions

    It’s also essential here that you answer each question honestly!


    What’s the benefit of filing my tax return?

    100% compliance is probably the most important benefit of filing an accurate tax return.

    And if you’re due a refund it’s a bonus!

    Due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in 2017, it’s now more important than ever to file your US tax return.

    As of 1 January 2018 (and up to 2025) the personal exemption was reduced from $4,050 to $0 which means that the overall taxable income has increased for all non-residents.

    So if you work in the US from 2018, you must file a tax return, no matter how much you earn. And if you worked there in previous years, you should file to find out how much you could claim!

    The removal of the personal exemption also means that for most non-residents, federal tax refunds will be reduced.

    It’s important to note that these amendments don’t affect 2017 (and previous years). So if you worked in the US before 2018, you could be due a federal tax refund.

    The average US refund is currently $800.

    The changes do not impact your state refund, no matter what year you’re filing for.

    To claim your state tax refund you must file your federal tax return first, before you file your state.

    Bottom line?

    You’re legally required to file a tax return and there’s a chance you’ll be due a tax refund.


    What now?

    Well if you worked in the US in 2017 or previous years, then you should file your tax return as soon as possible. You may have missed the deadline but if you’re due a refund, you can still claim this money.

    If you work in the US in 2018, then the deadline for filing is April 15 2019.

    The easiest way to file is by using Sprintax.

    Our tax preparation service for non-residents will help you prepare your federal and state tax returns in minutes and guide you through the filing process.

    With Sprintax you get:

    • A 100% compliant US tax return
    • Check for residency status
    • Any applicable tax treaties to lower any tax liability or increase your refund
    • Avail of personal allowances, credits & tax deductions
    • 24 hour live chat help
    • Claim any tax refunds due

    Over 500,000 non-residents who worked in the US have already used Sprintax.

    Get peace of mind and create your account here now to start preparing your US tax return.

  • Revealed: over 125k filed their US tax return with Sprintax in 2018!

    Sprintax international students US tax returns

    Every international student who studied in the US in 2017 was required to file a tax return ahead of the April 2018 deadline.

    A lot of international students find US tax to be very daunting. So filing a compliant tax return on time is, for many, no easy feat.

    Just think of it.

    It’s hard enough to come to terms with the tax system in your own country. But then, when you move to the US to study, you have to handle the US tax system too!

    Thankfully a solution is on hand.

    The easiest way for any international student to file a US tax return is to choose Sprintax.

    Sprintax is the only online tax-preparation software for non-resident in the US.

    The software assists students in preparing fully compliant Federal and State tax returns and retrieve their maximum legal tax refund. And all of this can be done in just a matter of minutes!

    1,500 universities

    Sprintax is the ‘go-to’ tax filing software for numerous major universities in the US including NYU, Columbia, Arizona State University, Illinois Institute of Technology and Cornell. In fact, we have helped students from over 1,500 schools and institutions from all across the US to file their tax return.

    Sprintax is also the non-resident partner of choice for Turbo Tax*.
    *See more: & 

    What are the benefits of using Sprintax?

    • Online US tax prep solution for international students and scholars
    • Save time and stress
    • Prepare a compliant US tax return
    • Maximize your State tax refund
    • 24/7 Vita Qualified Live Chat facility
    • Over 500,000 returns prepared

    Tax Report 2018

    Today we are happy to introduce our ‘Tax Report 2018’.

    Key findings from the report:

    • 125,000 international students (from 1,500 universities) chose Sprintax in order to prepare their 2017 US tax return
    • We delivered $86m in tax refunds to our customers
    • 87% of our customers would recommend Sprintax to their friends

    See the full tax report below.

    Sprintax international student tax returns US

    Sprintax for international student US tax returns

    US tax returns for international students Sprintax

    Filing US tax returns for international students Sprintax

    File your US tax return with confidence! File with Sprintax!