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  • Colleges and Universities Attended by U.S. Presidents

    Where did some commanders-in-chief graduate from?

    Surprisingly, not every American president had a college education. Abraham Lincoln, for example, was self-taught. But for the most part, thirty-one colleges and universities have been home to some of the most influential leaders of the last two hundred years or so. These three schools are top of the chart. 20 of all 44 American Presidents –almost 48% – have attended one or more of them.

    Harvard University

    Harvard has produced eight presidents of the United States of America, which is over 18% of the total. John Adams and his son John Quincy Adams each received two degrees from Harvard. Next president to have graduated from Harvard, after nearly half a century was Rutherford B. Hayes. In 1880, Theodore Roosevelt finished his studies (22nd of 177) with an A.B. magna cum laude. Franklin D. Roosevelt graduated from Harvard in 1903 with an A.B. in history and later received an honorary LL.D. from Harvard in 1929. John F. Kennedy left from Harvard College with a Bachelor of Science cum laude in international affairs in 1940. George W. Bush received his B.A. from Yale, but went on to earn an MBA from Harvard Business School. Most recently, current commander-in-chief Barack Obama earned a law degree from Harvard Law School.

    Yale University

    Five American presidents – 11% of all – were Yalies. In 1878, William Howard Taft, graduated from Yale, ranking 2nd in his class out of 121. Gerald Ford hoped to attend Yale’s law school beginning in 1935 while serving as boxing coach and assistant varsity football coach. Yale officials at first denied his admission to the law school, because of his full-time coaching responsibilities. Ford was eventually admitted in spring 1938 to Yale Law School and earned his LL.B. degree in 1941. George H.W. Bush had been accepted to Yale University prior to his enlistment in the military, and took up the offer after his discharge and marriage. He graduated as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa from Yale in 1948 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. The 42nd president of the United States, William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton, first attended Georgetown University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service (B.S.) degree in 1968. In 1973, he earned a Juris Doctor degree from Yale. George W. Bush attended Yale University from 1964 to 1968, graduating with a B.A. degree in history.

    College of William and Mary

    William and Mary is “America’s second-oldest college” and one of its alumni is the 3rd President of the United States – Thomas Jefferson. At age of 16, he entered the college and graduated in 1762, completing his studies in only two years. Only a little more than a decade later, James Monroe enrolled in the College of William and Mary. John Tyler, the 10th US President entered the preparatory branch of the elite College of William and Mary, continuing the Tyler family’s tradition. Tyler graduated from the school’s collegiate branch in 1807, at age seventeen.

    Other American schools that have produced Presidents are United States Military Academy, Princeton University, Columbia University, and University of Virginia. Even if you are not pursuing a political career, a degree from any of these schools looks very nice on a resume.

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  • Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

    Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer and you still don’t have a present for your partner. Whether you just plain forgot or couldn’t think of anything, there’s no way you can greet your partner without some sort of Valentine’s Day gift in hand this year

    Here are a few ideas that don’t require a lot of time and are very, very easy.

    1. Picture Frame Ideas


     There are a lot of things you can come up with to make this gift      romantic and personal. You can always give your loved one a picture  of the two of you – a special one that holds a meaning.  Or if you can’t  choose only one you can make a collage.

     Another idea is to frame the lyrics of a special song or a quote from a  favorite book or author.

     So many ideas with just a picture frame.



    2. Pastries

    Take a2 quick walk to the nearest bakery and order something sweet. Literally!

    Cookies, muffins, pastries even a cake. They will, no doubt, offer you all sorts of     Valentine’s stuff that will make your present one of a kind.







    3. Flowers

    Flowers have always been a top gift choice for any occasion. People appreciate the beauty and ephemeral nature of  flowers as a unique investment in memories.


    You can never go wrong with a  beautiful bouquet.  In fact, 92 percent of women can remember the last time they  received flowers; and 97 percent of men and women recall the last time they gave a  floral gift. If you decide that this will be the only thing you will give as a present, at  least go big. It won’t hurt if you combine it with a box of chocolates!!!




    4. For Men Only

    4                                                                                                                                                   This is a fun idea for a gift for the man in your life, all you need is a metal box  and a few mini bottles of whiskey. A trip to the nearest supermarket will do.







    5. “I love you” jar

     Get an e5mpty jar and fill it with notes “Reasons why I love you”, “I love you in different    languages”, “Promises” and anything that you can think of which might make your    partner  happy.  Tie a pretty bow and there you have it a romantic, last minute present.







    6. Gift Card

    Not the most cre6ative or enlightened idea, but it does let your loved one choose their perfect gift on their own time line. Try a favourite bookstore, clothes store or any other place that is dear to your partner’s heart.





    7. Get Tickets



    To what, you ask? To anything your partner would love to see. The  great  bit  about buying tickets online to a show, concert, or event, is  that you get  an  immediate receipt that you can print off and show  your loved one  instantly.




    8. Spa Treatment

    8Indulge the one you love with a spa break. Find a  fantastic Spa  Day  gift for your loved one that you can both  enjoy and spend a  relaxing  and revitalizing day  together.

  • A Guide to New York City on a Student Budget

    If you’re a student in New York City, you might have already noticed New York is expensive.

    Well we’ve got news for you – it doesn’t have to be! What can $12 get you in this town? Plenty!

    If art is your passion

    New York’s Museums have in store something for everyone. Classics such as American Museum of Natural History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art and the Cloisters are a must-see, especially on the days/times when students get free passes.  It is always fashion week in the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It possesses an impressive gallery of clothes dating from the 18th century to present, as well as student collections. The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens explores the history of film and The New Museum on the Lower East Side has a collection of offbeat, modern art.

    Not just a library

    One of the most magnificent landmarks in New York City is a home to more than 15 million items, including priceless medieval manuscripts, ancient scrolls, contemporary novels and poetry and many others including the Declaration of Independence – The New York Public Library. Formally known as the Stephen A. Schwartzman Building, the Library represents the heart of history itself and provides its visitors free access and the chance to explore extraordinary historical collections.

    Central Park

    It doesn’t take a brilliant mind to figure out that a park is free to visit – most parks are. But most parks aren’t Central Park. To make exploring the park easy and fun, Central Park has its very own app. It is an audio guide using celebrity voices that direct you to over 40 areas of interest like the Strawberry fields; the “Imagine” mosaic near the Dakota or where John Lennon was killed in 1980.

    Short Trip to an Island

    New Yorkers can take a day trip over to Governors Island, a 172-acre island in the heart of New York Harbor. The five-minute ferry ride from Lower Manhattan is free and offers spectacular views of New York Harbor. On Governors Island, there is something for everyone, whether it’s enjoying a free concert or kayaking along the Hudson River. The visit is ideal for anyone who wants to take a break from the the big city, while enjoying beautiful lawns and fun activities that are well within a student budget.

    Bargains galore in the Big Apple

    Make sure you’re updated on the best deals around the city, never mind if you are looking for a cheap bite, shopping discounts, free concerts or a Broadway show. There are tons of websites and apps, which will help you explore New York and stay within your budget. is a website that will prove to you, not everything in New York will break your wallet.

    Staying close to campus is a not a good idea.

    Don’t stick only to the main attractions. If you try to get to know the city better, you’ll come across things just by chance: street fairs, galleries and museums, or a show you didn’t know about. In fact, the best way to get a flavor of New York is by taking long walks. Downtown, around Greenwich Village, East Village and West Village is a good place to start and place like Chinatown and Little Ukraine are full of hidden treasures. Just keep an eye on where the crowd is going; the busiest restaurants or the loudest bars – a lot of time they will have signs in the door saying you can get a discount with your Student ID.

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  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses in Winter

    Winter is definitely not the best time for travelling, but it is one of the most beautiful seasons.

    If you are stuck in your dorm and you don’t have the chance to do anything because of the bad weather the only thing left for you is to enjoy the nice scenery that your campus offers you.
    Or at least envy your colleagues who have the chance to study in one of most beautiful colleges in USA. So pour yourself a cup of hot liquid and check out our list. Don’t forget that winter has its charm after all.

    University of Colorado

    University of Colorado is situated on one of the most spectacular college campuses in the country – the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Boulder. The University of Colorado combines sweeping views of the snow- capped Rocky Mountains and Flatirons; a gorgeous natural setting that includes a serene lake and two creeks, and ruggedly beautiful buildings to match. The city of Boulder is in Boulder Valley where the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains. The University’s geographic situation puts its campus on top listings for beauty.
    For winter sports enthusiasts, the University of Colorado—Boulder offers world-class ski and snowboarding resorts.


     Dartmouth College

    Dartmouth College is situated in the rural town of Hanover, New Hampshire, located in the Upper Valley along the Connecticut River in New England. Its campus is centered on a former field of pine trees cleared in 1771. Dartmouth’s buildings are designed in the Georgian American colonial style, which add even more charm to the campus especially in winter. Dartmouth College is famous with their Winter Carnival, a great tradition that involves students in different winter sports, snow sculptures and other interesting events.


    Middlebury College

    Middlebury’s campus is located in the Champlain Valley between Vermont’s Green Mountains to the east and New York’s Adirondack Mountains to the west. The campus is situated on a hill to the west of the village of Middlebury.
    Middlebury’s students take advantage of Vermont’s snowy season during the school’s winter term.  Last year the college took first place on Buzzfeed’s list of the “Most Winter Wonderful College Campuses.”


    University of Montana

    The campus of the university is bordered to the east by Mount Sentinel and the north by the Clark Fork.
    The Mount Sentinel is recognized with a large hillside letter “M”, the Missoula’s most memorable landmark. Cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling all within a short distance of the campus. The college town also celebrates New Year’s Eve with a winter celebration called First Night, which includes music, crafts, and an ice sculpture competition.


    University of Virginia

    The university of Virginia has won prize for its unique Jeffersonian architecture; The New York times said: “it was incomparably the most ambitious and monumental architectural project that had or has yet been conceived in this century”; the American Institute of Architects called it “the proudest achievement of American architecture in the past 200 years.”
    What we think is irrelevant, so we will just quote David Neuman, Architect for the University of Virginia: “A beautiful campus is defined by a sense of order, though this doesn’t necessarily mean right angles. There should be a green space, an area of respite that is not immersed in the day to day. And the architecture should be compatible with both the scale of other buildings and the students whose endeavors they house.”


    Cornell University

    Although it has a relatively small campus, Cornell has some prime real estate on a hilltop in central New York State, with Cayuga Lake and two large gorges surrounding it. The impressive Sage Hall, freckled with snow, and the already-unique Johnson Museum of Art, both look incredible in winter season.


    Duke University

    Duke University or also known as “the Gothic Wonderland”, a nickname referring to the Collegiate Gothic architecture of West Campus, is one of the most beautiful winter campuses. The iconic Chapel Drive which contrast with the white snow make the surrounding magical.


    Bowdoin College

    Bowdoin College is a private arts college located in the coastal Maine town of Brunswick. Bowdoin is located on the shores of Casco Bay and the Androscoggin River, 12 miles (19 km) north of Freeport, Maine, and 28 miles (45 km) north of Portland, Maine. The Campus is famous with its museums’ buildings and with its constant ranking among the top ten liberal arts colleges in the United States by U.S. News & World Report.


    Boston College

    Boston College is a private Jesuit Catholic Research University situated in the village of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts; 6 miles west of Boston.

    The main campus includes over 120 buildings that bring the Collegiate Gothic architecture spirit in the present. The 175-acre campus is located on a hilltop overlooking the Chestnut Hill Reservoir – a gorgeous view, that many young students have the prestige to observe every day.


    University of Utah

    University of Utah is located on the east bench of the Salt Lake Valley, close to the Wasatch Range and approximately 2 miles east of downtown Salt Lake City.

    A campus filled with unique architecture and interesting design solutions situated in region perfect for educational inspiration and spitirual comfort.


    Share with us which one is the most beautiful in your opinion?

  • America’s best cities for New Year’s Eve

    The best places to spend New Year’s Eve in the US

    A new year. New resolutions. New possibilities. New commitments.

    New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party days of the year, and we know it. For many, simply spending the night with close friends and family is the best way to celebrate. And it is indeed a great way to ring in the New Year, but also there are many others, who like to turn it up a notch.

    Watch the ball drop in Times Square – Yes, it’s freezing and crowded, but witnessing the most famous and spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration in the world is a one-in-a-lifetime must. Get to Times Square between 3 and 5 p.m. for the best views of the legendary New Year Eve’s Crystal Ball. The Ball is lit and raised against a backdrop of pyrotechnics at approximately 6p.m., and it begins its descent at 11:59p.m. The whole event culminates in a confetti drop and fireworks display unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Imagine more than one ton of colourful confetti raining down at the stroke of midnight.

    If watching the ball drop in Times Square is high on your bucket list, then sure, head to New York City. But there are many other cities ringing in 2015 in a memorable fashion.

    Las Vegas never needs an excuse to party. An entire book can be written about the celebration options in the Entertainment Capital of the World. All the clubs and bars will have special plans for the night, and there are countless shows and concerts being put out on all over the city. At midnight, fix your eyes to the sky to witness a larger-than-life fireworks display signaling the beginning of one wild night.

    Though Chicago’s temperatures may be icy, New Year’s Eve in the Windy City is one hot party. On December 31st Chicago buzzes with energy. With the amazing atmosphere and soothing view of the Chicago River, the city offer grand celebrations of New Year’s Eve. There are numerous events and programs taking place in Chicago for the New Year Celebration. At the very special moment, when the clock strikes twelve, Chicago as well is enlightened with the vibrant lights of the fireworks. So if you want to witness some spectacular parties in the New Year’s Eve you should visit Chicago for sure.

    You know what else is in Chicago? Our Sprintax office, where the team is working hard to get ready for the new tax year. After you’ve had a blast at New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to prepare your tax return with Sprintax. The sooner you cross that off your 2015 “To Do” list – the better.

    While the Big Apple may drop a world famous glittering ball, the Big Peach lowers exactly that: a big peach. The largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the Southeast is a 16-hour event with a full day of fun and an evening of top-notch entertainment. Beginning at 11 a.m., Underground Atlanta will be filled with carnival style rides, live music, face painting, street performers and festival food. As 2015 nears, the main stage will light up with live performances and the 800-pound Peach will begin it’s descend just before the clock strikes midnight. Following the drop, a fireworks show will illuminate the sky and millions of pieces of confetti will rain on revelers!

    High above the Mississippi River the sky will be exploding in varied colors and shapes as a New Year begins! An 8-foot-tall, illuminated fleur-de-lis drops from an illuminated perch. A spectacular 15-minute fireworks display launched skyward from twin barges anchored in mid-river.

    This colorful, sonic-booming, pyrotechnic extravaganza is constantly ranked as one of the best in the U.S., and you can enjoy it if you are lucky enough to be in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve.

  • How the Holiday season is celebrated around the world- 4 extraordinary traditions

    The holiday season is ON!

    The cities’ have turned into magical winter wonderland where choirs аrе singing carols and Santa Claus is walking around the streets. And we all adore this holiday atmosphere with its sparkling lights and shine of the Christmas trees that light up the holiday spirit in our hearts.

    Christmas is the most awaited and wonderful time of the year for millions of people all over the world. We decorate the Christmas tree and wait for Santa Claus to fill our stockings with presents; we spend the holidays with our families. But there some Christmas traditions that are not that common as those we all share. Most of us might find them unusual but for certain societies they are just ordinary holiday traditions transmitted from one generation to another.

    So let’s take look at some of the unique Christmas traditions gathered from all over the world.

    Big Black spiders on the Christmas trees in Ukraine

    Usually Christmas trees are decorated will beautiful colorful lights, red ribbons, silver and gold garlands. The more glitter, the better. Yet, that’s not the story in some regions in Ukraine. Along with the usual decorations, the people in Ukraine adorn their Christmas trees with fake spiders and webs which are believed to bring good luck in the family’s home.

    Burning straw goat in Sweden

    While all of us in USA anticipate the traditional Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, the people from the small Swedish town install a giant straw yule goat in the middle of the town square. The goat symbolizes the Christmas spirit but almost each year during the last 27 years, the goat got burnt down by vandals. This has happened so often that the most common question at Christmas is: will the goat be burnt again?

    KFC Christmas in Japan

    In Japan, Christmas is not usually celebrated.  Well, at least till 1974. This was the year when KFC launched a huge marketing campaign promoting its Christmas menu and from this moment onwards on Christmas Eve Japanese families go to KFC for a traditional Christmas Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Lucky stir and a wish in Great Britain

    All we believe that a wish on Christmas Eve is more likely to come true. So we are all hoping for our own miracle on 34th Street. Though, people in Great Britain do it in quite unusual way. They believe that if you make your wish, while stirring the traditional Christmas pudding mixture in clockwise direction, the wish comes true.  So on so called ‘Stir-Up Sunday’ each member of the family take a turn in the stirring, hoping for a miracle.

    Of course, there are many more untold Christmas traditions all around the globe.  Tell us your extraordinary Christmas celebrations that people in your country or even just your family have.

    Merry Christmas from all of us at Sprintax!

  • The secrets of a magic Thanksgiving

    The warmth of the family’s nest, love of our family and friends; the aroma of pumpkin pie and golden-roasted turkey – these are the things that make Thanksgiving one of the most favorite American holidays.

    As an international student in USA, who is  living his own American dream, it might be interesting and exciting for you to learn more about the US culture and participate in its most beloved traditions and celebrations like Thanksgiving.

    What is Thanksgiving for the Americans?

    The celebration’s roots go as far back as 1621 when the pilgrims being thankful for their rich harvest, organized a celebratory feast. For the next two centuries Thanksgiving was only celebrated by separate colonies and states until 1900s when Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it as an official US national holiday. Nowadays Thanksgiving should be neither about boring facts, nor about the harvest, the crazy shopping and holiday preparations. Thanksgiving is a chance to slow down for a day, spend some time with our family and friends, being thankful for all the things we are blessed with but we tend to underestimate.

    The fact that your family is miles away does not mean that you should not plan your Thanksgiving to show gratitude for having them in your life. What’s more, it could be a wonderful occasion to gather all your friends for a big feast with plenty of delicious home-made dishes, lovely talk and fun. You do not know where to start from? Here we are to help you, revealing the secrets of a magic Thanksgiving Day.

    Thanksgiving must-have’s on your table

    Roll up your sleeves and let the cooking begin. The traditional turkey with stuffing is hard to beat when it comes to Thanksgiving menu. It takes time but it’s totally worth it. Mashed potatoes, Yams, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole are other traditional Thanksgiving dishes you should serve and for which there are plenty of recipes on the internet you can follow. Do not forget to save a room for the traditional pumpkin pie.

    Breaking the turkey wishbone

    This is a true Thanksgiving tradition but what hides behind it? A wish, of course. The wishbone is found attached to the breast meat in the turkey’s chest and when it is separated from the meat and dried, two people take each end of the bone, make a wish and pull. Whoever gets the bigger piece, will have his wish come true. What would you wish for?


    For most American families TV also has its part in Thanksgiving celebrations.  Watching the essential Thanksgiving football games or the annual New York City Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is a beloved tradition. The marching bands, floats, orchestras and giant balloons shaped like cartoon characters draw an enormous audience in front of their TVs each Thanksgiving.

    Giving back to the community

    Instead of spending the whole day in preparations and feasting, you can show your appreciation by dedicating some time to a volunteer’s activities like serving in homeless shelter or delivering meals to homes. Giving back makes us happier than anything else. What better way to spend Thanksgiving?!

    Have an amazing Thanksgiving Day! Do not forget to share how you spent it with us

  • How to throw the best Halloween party ever

    Halloween is coming, the shops are full of costumes and there’s a creepy atmosphere around.

    At this time of year, if you listen carefully you might hear a Halloween spirit whispering ’Spooky spook come out to play, on the thirty-first, Halloween day.’

    OK, maybe you feel a bit too old for Halloween songs or trick-or-treating around the neighborhood but you are never too old to party! And what you should bear in mind is that on-campus Halloween celebrations can be funnier and more exciting than any other. Take it from us we know. At Sprintax we’re a big fan of throwing parties and Halloween is an awesome excuse!

    If you haven’t done it already, get into the Halloween mood, gather some friends to help you with the preparations and start planning the most amazing Halloween campus party ever. Below we’ve put together the essentials on how to make your party great, unforgettable and 100% full of the Halloween spirit.

    It’s all about the decorations

    One of the earliest and most popular Halloween decorations are Jack-o-Lanterns or carved pumpkins. So, what’s the Halloween story behind this beloved tradition? According to ancient Celtic beliefs Jack-o-lanterns scare away the evil spirits wandering the streets on All Hallow’s Eve. They look pretty cool too. We like having pumpkin carving sessions the day before the party as it helps to get in the mood for Halloween. Over the years, carved pumpkins have become a must-have decoration for any Halloween party. Of course, having some carved pumpkins is not enough to create a truly frightening “haunted-house” atmosphere. That’s why you can add a pinch of creativity with some fake cobwebs and spiders, skeletons, origami bats and even hanging ghosts. The good news about Halloween decor is that even if you are on a tight party budget, you can easily make your own Halloween crafts with stuff you have in hand or if you have a small budget, discount stores normally have a great selection. Stick to an orange and black theme and you can’t go wrong!

    What’s a party without food?

    There are plenty of Halloween recipes on the internet for frightful but at the same time delicious Halloween-themed desserts. Spider cupcakes, spooky witch’s finger biscuits and hot-dog mummies are easy-to make and despite their terrifying look, everyone will love them. Just because you’re not treat-or-tricking, it does not mean that you should not serve the traditional Halloween candy. Of course you should – piles of candy everywhere are essential for a great party. 

    Dress up for a Halloween costume contest!

    What Halloween party would be complete without having all your guests in Halloween outfits?  Make it clear in the invitations that no one has an excuse to show up without a costume. The only rule that should be followed while choosing one is “Be creative”. Dress up as a scary movie or fairytale character, sew your own costume or rent one. No matter what you choose – it’s great fun dressing up and the scarier the costume the better.

     In order to make your party more interesting for your guests, provide a prize for the best costume. It adds a bit of fun getting people to vote for the most frightening, unique or funniest costume.

    The best part of throwing your own party is that you should not be afraid to improvise and make sure you take plenty of photos. Do you have any awesome Halloween ideas? Don’t forget to share them with us. 

  • Find the leader in you

    As children, we were natural leaders – curious and humble, always hungry and thirsty for knowledge, with an incredibly vivid imagination.

    We knew exactly what we wanted, were persistent and determined in getting what we wanted, and had the ability to motivate, inspire, and influence everyone around us to help us in accomplishing our mission.

    So why is this so difficult to do as adults? What happened?

    Developing the Leader in again will require you to be brave and unlock the door to your inner attic, where your childhood dreams lie.

    If you are interested to re-find the leader in you, here are some helpful steps to do so:

    1. SWOT Yourself

    SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Although it is a strategic management tool taught at universities and used by large multinationals, it can just as effectively be used in your own professional development as a leader. This is a useful tool to self-knowledge, self-remembering and self-honoring.

    Start by listing all your Strengths including your accomplishments. Then write down all your Weaknesses and what needs to be improved. Make sure to include any doubts, anxieties, fears, and worries that you may have. These are the “demons” guarding the door to your inner attic. By bringing them to conscious awareness you can begin to slay them. Then proceed by listing all the opportunities you see available to you for using your strengths. Finally, write down all the Threats or obstacles that are currently blocking you or that you think you will encounter along the way to achieving your dreams.

    1. Follow Your Bliss 

    Regardless of how busy you are, always take time to do what you love doing. Being an alive and vital person vitalizes others. When you are pursuing your passions, people around you cannot help but feel impassioned by your presence. This will make you a charismatic leader. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing – writing, acting, painting, photography, sports, reading – just enjoy your time.  Set aside time every week to pursue these activities.

    1. Dream Big

    You’re big as your dreams are. If you set yourself small dreams you put limitations in front of you. So as long as you set big dreams, you will enhance yourself and become a great leader.  You should always go for the gold medal!

    1. Be a Visionary

    Without a vision, we perish. If you can’t see yourself winning that award, you wouldn’t get it. You should be the first who believes in yourself and then the others automatically will. If you can’t lead yourself to victory, don’t even try leading others.

    So, visualize what it would be like accomplishing your dream and then do it!

    1. Be Consistent

    Now that you have a dream, make sure you take consistent actions each day in order to win!

    Are you ready to re-find your leader?  Start today, be a leader tomorrow!

    If you have any other helpful tips or experiences please share them with us so we can inspire others.