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  • America’s best cities for New Year’s Eve

    The best places to spend New Year’s Eve in the US

    A new year. New resolutions. New possibilities. New commitments.

    New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest party days of the year, and we know it. For many, simply spending the night with close friends and family is the best way to celebrate. And it is indeed a great way to ring in the New Year, but also there are many others, who like to turn it up a notch.

    Watch the ball drop in Times Square – Yes, it’s freezing and crowded, but witnessing the most famous and spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration in the world is a one-in-a-lifetime must. Get to Times Square between 3 and 5 p.m. for the best views of the legendary New Year Eve’s Crystal Ball. The Ball is lit and raised against a backdrop of pyrotechnics at approximately 6p.m., and it begins its descent at 11:59p.m. The whole event culminates in a confetti drop and fireworks display unlike any you’ve ever experienced. Imagine more than one ton of colourful confetti raining down at the stroke of midnight.

    If watching the ball drop in Times Square is high on your bucket list, then sure, head to New York City. But there are many other cities ringing in 2015 in a memorable fashion.

    Las Vegas never needs an excuse to party. An entire book can be written about the celebration options in the Entertainment Capital of the World. All the clubs and bars will have special plans for the night, and there are countless shows and concerts being put out on all over the city. At midnight, fix your eyes to the sky to witness a larger-than-life fireworks display signaling the beginning of one wild night.

    Though Chicago’s temperatures may be icy, New Year’s Eve in the Windy City is one hot party. On December 31st Chicago buzzes with energy. With the amazing atmosphere and soothing view of the Chicago River, the city offer grand celebrations of New Year’s Eve. There are numerous events and programs taking place in Chicago for the New Year Celebration. At the very special moment, when the clock strikes twelve, Chicago as well is enlightened with the vibrant lights of the fireworks. So if you want to witness some spectacular parties in the New Year’s Eve you should visit Chicago for sure.

    You know what else is in Chicago? Our Sprintax office, where the team is working hard to get ready for the new tax year. After you’ve had a blast at New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to prepare your tax return with Sprintax. The sooner you cross that off your 2015 “To Do” list – the better.

    While the Big Apple may drop a world famous glittering ball, the Big Peach lowers exactly that: a big peach. The largest New Year’s Eve celebration in the Southeast is a 16-hour event with a full day of fun and an evening of top-notch entertainment. Beginning at 11 a.m., Underground Atlanta will be filled with carnival style rides, live music, face painting, street performers and festival food. As 2015 nears, the main stage will light up with live performances and the 800-pound Peach will begin it’s descend just before the clock strikes midnight. Following the drop, a fireworks show will illuminate the sky and millions of pieces of confetti will rain on revelers!

    High above the Mississippi River the sky will be exploding in varied colors and shapes as a New Year begins! An 8-foot-tall, illuminated fleur-de-lis drops from an illuminated perch. A spectacular 15-minute fireworks display launched skyward from twin barges anchored in mid-river.

    This colorful, sonic-booming, pyrotechnic extravaganza is constantly ranked as one of the best in the U.S., and you can enjoy it if you are lucky enough to be in New Orleans on New Year’s Eve.

  • How the Holiday season is celebrated around the world- 4 extraordinary traditions

    The holiday season is ON!

    The cities’ have turned into magical winter wonderland where choirs аrе singing carols and Santa Claus is walking around the streets. And we all adore this holiday atmosphere with its sparkling lights and shine of the Christmas trees that light up the holiday spirit in our hearts.

    Christmas is the most awaited and wonderful time of the year for millions of people all over the world. We decorate the Christmas tree and wait for Santa Claus to fill our stockings with presents; we spend the holidays with our families. But there some Christmas traditions that are not that common as those we all share. Most of us might find them unusual but for certain societies they are just ordinary holiday traditions transmitted from one generation to another.

    So let’s take look at some of the unique Christmas traditions gathered from all over the world.

    Big Black spiders on the Christmas trees in Ukraine

    Usually Christmas trees are decorated will beautiful colorful lights, red ribbons, silver and gold garlands. The more glitter, the better. Yet, that’s not the story in some regions in Ukraine. Along with the usual decorations, the people in Ukraine adorn their Christmas trees with fake spiders and webs which are believed to bring good luck in the family’s home.

    Burning straw goat in Sweden

    While all of us in USA anticipate the traditional Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, the people from the small Swedish town install a giant straw yule goat in the middle of the town square. The goat symbolizes the Christmas spirit but almost each year during the last 27 years, the goat got burnt down by vandals. This has happened so often that the most common question at Christmas is: will the goat be burnt again?

    KFC Christmas in Japan

    In Japan, Christmas is not usually celebrated.  Well, at least till 1974. This was the year when KFC launched a huge marketing campaign promoting its Christmas menu and from this moment onwards on Christmas Eve Japanese families go to KFC for a traditional Christmas Kentucky Fried Chicken.

    Lucky stir and a wish in Great Britain

    All we believe that a wish on Christmas Eve is more likely to come true. So we are all hoping for our own miracle on 34th Street. Though, people in Great Britain do it in quite unusual way. They believe that if you make your wish, while stirring the traditional Christmas pudding mixture in clockwise direction, the wish comes true.  So on so called ‘Stir-Up Sunday’ each member of the family take a turn in the stirring, hoping for a miracle.

    Of course, there are many more untold Christmas traditions all around the globe.  Tell us your extraordinary Christmas celebrations that people in your country or even just your family have.

    Merry Christmas from all of us at Sprintax!

  • Happy New Sprintax

    Introducing the marvellous redesign and great new features

    At Sprintax, we are always looking for new ways to make the tax filing experience faster, better, more efficient and comprehensive. Since Sprintax launched in 2013, it has been used by hundreds and thousands of international students to prepare their Federal and State tax returns. In the Sprintax team, we’re very proud of this – but we also know that the world in which Sprintax is changes every day. So it’s time for a new look for Sprintax.

    A newer, simpler and more modern design

    We’ve revamped the entire Homepage experience with a new look and feel to make it easier for you to navigate and access different sections of the website.  This simple and clean design helps you easily find the information that matters most to you.

    It’s not just about good looks

    Whether you’re a student or a Higher Education Institute, now you can easily access the relevant page that holds the information you need. We have also added an extended FAQ section, where we publish comprehensive answers of the most common questions. If the answer you are looking for is not there, the online customer help is just one click away.

    We looooove rewarding our customers

    We are happy to introduce the Sprintax Tell-a-Friend program. This scheme is designed for customers who want to help their friends with their tax return preparation and receive exciting rewards for it. Keep an eye out for more details to come on the Sprintax website.

    This is just the beginning of many more exciting, new features we plan to bring to Sprintax and offer more functionality this year.

    We will keep working hard to make self-tax return preparation even easier and faster for our customers.

  • Sports and Taxes

    Doesn’t matter how famous they are, professional athletes pay taxes, too.

    Better they perform, the more they stand to earn. But thanks to so-called “jock taxes,” they also stand to give a lot of that money.

    Check out some interesting stats presented in this infographic dedicated to sports and taxes.


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