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  • How to throw the best Halloween party ever

    Halloween is coming, the shops are full of costumes and there’s a creepy atmosphere around.

    At this time of year, if you listen carefully you might hear a Halloween spirit whispering ’Spooky spook come out to play, on the thirty-first, Halloween day.’

    OK, maybe you feel a bit too old for Halloween songs or trick-or-treating around the neighborhood but you are never too old to party! And what you should bear in mind is that on-campus Halloween celebrations can be funnier and more exciting than any other. Take it from us we know. At Sprintax we’re a big fan of throwing parties and Halloween is an awesome excuse!

    If you haven’t done it already, get into the Halloween mood, gather some friends to help you with the preparations and start planning the most amazing Halloween campus party ever. Below we’ve put together the essentials on how to make your party great, unforgettable and 100% full of the Halloween spirit.

    It’s all about the decorations

    One of the earliest and most popular Halloween decorations are Jack-o-Lanterns or carved pumpkins. So, what’s the Halloween story behind this beloved tradition? According to ancient Celtic beliefs Jack-o-lanterns scare away the evil spirits wandering the streets on All Hallow’s Eve. They look pretty cool too. We like having pumpkin carving sessions the day before the party as it helps to get in the mood for Halloween. Over the years, carved pumpkins have become a must-have decoration for any Halloween party. Of course, having some carved pumpkins is not enough to create a truly frightening “haunted-house” atmosphere. That’s why you can add a pinch of creativity with some fake cobwebs and spiders, skeletons, origami bats and even hanging ghosts. The good news about Halloween decor is that even if you are on a tight party budget, you can easily make your own Halloween crafts with stuff you have in hand or if you have a small budget, discount stores normally have a great selection. Stick to an orange and black theme and you can’t go wrong!

    What’s a party without food?

    There are plenty of Halloween recipes on the internet for frightful but at the same time delicious Halloween-themed desserts. Spider cupcakes, spooky witch’s finger biscuits and hot-dog mummies are easy-to make and despite their terrifying look, everyone will love them. Just because you’re not treat-or-tricking, it does not mean that you should not serve the traditional Halloween candy. Of course you should – piles of candy everywhere are essential for a great party. 

    Dress up for a Halloween costume contest!

    What Halloween party would be complete without having all your guests in Halloween outfits?  Make it clear in the invitations that no one has an excuse to show up without a costume. The only rule that should be followed while choosing one is “Be creative”. Dress up as a scary movie or fairytale character, sew your own costume or rent one. No matter what you choose – it’s great fun dressing up and the scarier the costume the better.

     In order to make your party more interesting for your guests, provide a prize for the best costume. It adds a bit of fun getting people to vote for the most frightening, unique or funniest costume.

    The best part of throwing your own party is that you should not be afraid to improvise and make sure you take plenty of photos. Do you have any awesome Halloween ideas? Don’t forget to share them with us. 

  • Find the leader in you

    As children, we were natural leaders – curious and humble, always hungry and thirsty for knowledge, with an incredibly vivid imagination.

    We knew exactly what we wanted, were persistent and determined in getting what we wanted, and had the ability to motivate, inspire, and influence everyone around us to help us in accomplishing our mission.

    So why is this so difficult to do as adults? What happened?

    Developing the Leader in again will require you to be brave and unlock the door to your inner attic, where your childhood dreams lie.

    If you are interested to re-find the leader in you, here are some helpful steps to do so:

    1. SWOT Yourself

    SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Although it is a strategic management tool taught at universities and used by large multinationals, it can just as effectively be used in your own professional development as a leader. This is a useful tool to self-knowledge, self-remembering and self-honoring.

    Start by listing all your Strengths including your accomplishments. Then write down all your Weaknesses and what needs to be improved. Make sure to include any doubts, anxieties, fears, and worries that you may have. These are the “demons” guarding the door to your inner attic. By bringing them to conscious awareness you can begin to slay them. Then proceed by listing all the opportunities you see available to you for using your strengths. Finally, write down all the Threats or obstacles that are currently blocking you or that you think you will encounter along the way to achieving your dreams.

    1. Follow Your Bliss 

    Regardless of how busy you are, always take time to do what you love doing. Being an alive and vital person vitalizes others. When you are pursuing your passions, people around you cannot help but feel impassioned by your presence. This will make you a charismatic leader. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing – writing, acting, painting, photography, sports, reading – just enjoy your time.  Set aside time every week to pursue these activities.

    1. Dream Big

    You’re big as your dreams are. If you set yourself small dreams you put limitations in front of you. So as long as you set big dreams, you will enhance yourself and become a great leader.  You should always go for the gold medal!

    1. Be a Visionary

    Without a vision, we perish. If you can’t see yourself winning that award, you wouldn’t get it. You should be the first who believes in yourself and then the others automatically will. If you can’t lead yourself to victory, don’t even try leading others.

    So, visualize what it would be like accomplishing your dream and then do it!

    1. Be Consistent

    Now that you have a dream, make sure you take consistent actions each day in order to win!

    Are you ready to re-find your leader?  Start today, be a leader tomorrow!

    If you have any other helpful tips or experiences please share them with us so we can inspire others.