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  • Healthy food = good university grades?

    Did you know that your academic performance is strongly linked to what kind of food you eat?

    Maybe such a claim sounds really hard to believe but a lot of studies have confirmed that it is not just another old wives’ tale. The results of a recent research  were indisputable – students who ate proper amounts of proteins, vegetables, fibers and fruits had much better academic results then those who dont.  Results show that proper eating habits not only promote our physical well-being but also influence students’ academic performance.  Healthy food habits can really help you get better university grades!

    So it is  worth paying more attention on what you eat. Your daily meals should include something different than the usual junk food. If they do not, now is the  time to change your eating habits.

    Why food is essential to your academic performance?

    The answer is really simple – the food you eat, provides the energy you need to to study more effectively.

    The best brain booster foods.

    • Whole grains

    When we talk about healthy food to feed your brain with, whole grains are the best choice. They contain ingredients that boost your memory and help increasing concentration. You are having a difficult exam next week – make sure you are well supplied with whole grains. A good example is Oats for breakfast.

    • Vegetables

    Go green and eat vegetables, particularly broccoli, spinach, pumpkin and tomatoes. Experts suggest that they are the best food for your brain. Yet do not underestimate other kind of vegetables as well – include them in each of your daily meals.

    • Berries

    Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries. Did you know that these sweet fruits improve communication between brain cells and promote stronger mental function of your brain?   Bear this in mind and instead of eating pancakes for breakfast, try something healthier and better for your mental functions like yoghurt with fresh strawberries. Yummy!

    • Fish

    Fish is another food of excellent nutrition value. The Omega 3 acids in it are extremely good for your memory and mental performance. Put fish on the menu at least once a week.

    As the saying goes – you are what you eat.  Quite a cliché, isn’t it? Yet it seems that there is a lot of truth in it and if you use the magic formula: healthy food + physical activity + studying, your academic success is guaranteed!

    “We would love to hear about your healthy eating tips, see some pictures of some healthy foods you have prepared or find out where is best to shop for healthy brain booting food in the US!”

  • The Fall semester is here! Get a head start with some great tips

    The Fall is knocking at our door. Some of us are still enjoying the last days of the Summer on last minute trips and adventures. For others, the summer vacation  finished long ago and they have already come back to reality with a bang.

    At Sprintax, we’re busy preparing for the Fall semester. We always think that a new semester is always exciting and full of new opportunities. It provides a fresh chance to achieve excellent class performance, step into new academic fields and take up new challenges.  If you are planning to make out the best of the upcoming Fall semester- check out some handy tips below which will definitely help you.

    1. Shift into studying mode

    Benjamin Franklin said: “You may delay, but time will not”. Neither does time, nor do your university assignments. That’s why to avoid pressure and panic around finals time, you should switch into study mode as soon as the Fall semester starts. If you plan carefully, you will have a much better chance of getting the results you want. Create a calendar for your tasks and assignments and make every effort to meet the deadlines you outlined. Start your papers ahead of schedule – they usually take more time and effort than you expect.  Manage your time and be proactive – once you’ve cracked these two things, you have found the secret to great academic success.

    2. Try new things

    Don’t become a slave of your daily routine. Make a to-do list and try to keep up with the activities till the end of the semester. Join a study group, poetry or a sport club, learn a new language or host the party of the century. Even better, find the internship of your dreams – most companies accept applications for next year’s Summer internships at the end of the Fall semester. Don’t wait for opportunities to come, create them!

    3. Make time for fun

    Having fun is an important part of your student life –so don’t miss out. If you’re overloaded with too many assignments and you feel very stressed and tired, leave the textbooks for a while and have some fun with your friends. Go out with them; plan a fun activity or a weekend getaway.  There will be so many interesting events on campus – be a part of them as they’re a great way to meet new friends and de-stress.


    Happy Fall Semester everyone!