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  • Dangers of not filing a tax return

    If you have worked or studied in USA, do you know that you are obliged for tax filing?

    Maybe you don’t because you are no longer living there or just forgot to file due to your busy lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, not filing your taxes has very serious consequences.

    If you are non resident and still live in USA, continuing avoiding your responsibility can result in automatic wage seizure by the courts, asset seizures like your car and may even lead to arrest and jail time for tax evasion. And if you do not pay the taxes you owe by the tax deadline, even if you got an extension of time to file, you will incur different penalties. If you have unpaid taxes, you will owe the IRS interest in addition to any penalties. Interest rates are determined quarterly, and interest is generally compounded daily until full payment is made.

    Another case is when you are non-residents who is no longer living in USA with an unpaid federal tax liability, whom the IRS has been unable to contact. So, maybe you are unaware of your tax debt until you come through U.S. Customs and you got detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE agents will start asking you different questions i.e. “Do you have any assets in the United States?” ,”What is the purpose and duration of your trip?”, “Where are you going to stay? “etc. Then the ICE agents will alert an IRS coordinator and transmit this information through a referral program. Typically, an investigation request is sent to an IRS agent in the region in which the taxpayer is traveling to.

    So, if you have an unpaid tax liability, you will become a subject to Notice of Federal Tax Lien. IRS may file it on your real or personal property. A properly filed federal tax lien publicly alerts creditors that the IRS has a priority claim against your real or personal property. A federal tax lien is filed in the office designated by the state where any real property owned by you is located and is a public record. For personal property, the federal tax lien ordinarily is filed in the county in which the taxpayer resides or in any other office designated by state law.

     So, next time when you think about not filing, just take into account the fact that it is even more dangerous than not paying your taxes and have lots of negative consequences.

  • Turn your dreams into your career

    Being an international student in the US means that you have already taken the first step to turning your dreams into a reality.

    Every international student comes to the United States full with dreams and ambitions. Every child has a dream of what they want to be when they grow up. Yours could have been to become a captain of a ship or an astronaut. Maybe it’s a scientist, a doctor, or a lawyer. All this is achievable here in the US and you’re on the right way!

    Pursuing the career you have dreamed of can be exciting yet exhausting, adventurous yet frightening at times. Here are some personal and professional tips to help you turn your dream job into your career.

    I. Personal tips – When it comes to your personal profile you should:

    1. Be ambitious – too much is never enough if you want to work your way up to the top.
    2. Be original – create your own personal style, think outside the box and break the stereotypes – it is always good to surprise your future employer.
    3. Be realistic – it is good to remind yourself how you got to where you are and where on the track exactly you are you at any given moment.
    4. Be patient – We all know well, Rome wasn’t built in a day!
    5. Be professional – It helps you gain and maintain useful contacts and get your work organised.
    6. Be optimistic – pessimism won’t get you anywhere and an uplifting attitude will always brighten your day
    7. Be passionate – this means that you believe in what you’re doing and you know it.
    8. Be confident – stop comparing yourself to others, stand up tall and show the world who you are.
    9. Relay on your talents – focus on what you are good at in order to become the best.
    10. Do what you love – Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. If you’d consider doing it for free you’d consider to get paid for it for sure.

    II. Professional tips – How to become the best:

    1. Get the proper education – taking an extra class or an internship will certainly help you excel.
    2. Work on your resume – any experience is a plus, and it can get you many good references too.
    3. Keep your CV up to date – Do not include anything that is not relevant, out of date or unprofessional.
    4. Make a good impression – an opinion about you is formed based on your appearance, your body language, your manners, and how you are dressed
    5. Make new acquaintances – make relations with people in your field, get to know them and let them get to know you.
    6. Learn more – read new books on your topic, attend a conference or a seminar in order to improve your skills rather than letting your skills or knowledge become outdated.
    7. Take initiatives – be active in making your dreams come true.
    8. Always have a plan – be prepared for everything at any time.
    9. Control your finances – you should get your finances in order, you can’t build your dream job if you can’t pay your bills.
    10. Focus on possibilities and opportunities – don’t miss your chances to succeed.

    And finally – never give up! In order to make it happen you would have to work hard and never stop!